Ulsan City organizes 1.14 billion won in ‘daycare center free childcare’ in the 2nd supplementary budget

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Doo-gyeom Kim, Mayor of Ulsan, is briefing on the first supplementary budget for 2023 at the City Hall Press Center on the 10th. (data photo)
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On the 26th, Ulsan Metropolitan City organized the second supplementary budget (draft) for this year. The total amount is 28.4 billion won. The supplementary budget included a budget of 1.14 billion won for early implementation of free childcare at daycare centers, which provides up to 140,000 won per month (including military expenses) per person for 2,534 5-year-olds using daycare centers in the region.

As a result, the budget of Ulsan City this year will increase to 5.805 trillion won.

Ulsan City announced plans to implement free childcare support for daycare centers from September to the end of the year following the second supplementary budget, and gradually expand it to children aged 4 to 5 next year and children aged 3 to 5 after 2025.

The main financial resources for the second supplementary budget this year were prepared using net world surplus of 27.2 billion won and special grant tax of 270 million won.

Looking at the detailed projects by sector for the second supplementary budget this year, 2.2 billion won was allocated for ‘support for the vulnerable and people’s livelihood’. By item, 700 million won for the operation of call taxis for the disabled, 1.14 billion won for childcare center parents’ expenses, 10 million won for juvenile crime prevention and guidance activities, and 93 million won for the deployment of dedicated personnel for de-isolation and seclusion.

The budget for infants and young people stands out, such as reflecting the budget for publicity (campaign) projects for the prevention and eradication of drugs among young people.

Then, 25.1 billion won was allocated for ‘pro-business and technology development support’, and ’25 billion won for the construction of a sculpture of a great entrepreneur’ is outstanding. In addition, the budget to promote investment, such as 20 million won for support for the Maegok Root Industry Specialized Complex and 22 million won for sample survey services for buried cultural assets at the National Ulsan Carbon Neutral Science Museum site, was included.

In addition, 1.1 billion won was allocated for the promotion of the ‘current affairs project’. By item, 800 million won for the construction of a multi-purpose administrative guidance ship and mooring installation, 77 million won for the maintenance of the memorial tower altar and the purchase of an incense burner were organized.

Ulsan Mayor Kim Doo-gyeom said, “This second supplementary budget has been prepared to reduce the burden of parents of children attending daycare centers and to solidify Ulsan’s image as a business-friendly company with a pro-business policy.” We will make it possible,” he said.

Meanwhile, the 2nd supplementary budget (proposal) will be submitted to the Ulsan City Council on May 30th, and will be finalized in June after deliberation during the 1st regular meeting of the 239th City Council.

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