Why Ulsan Jung-gu developed ‘Traditional Market Disaster Response Safety Design’

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On the 25th, Mayor Kim Yeong-gil speaks at the service briefing for the ‘Traditional Market Disaster Response Safety Design Development Research Service’ held in the medium conference room of the Jung-gu Office Building in Ulsan.
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Jung-gu, Ulsan (Chief Kim Young-gil) has developed and applied the ‘Traditional Market Disaster Response Safety Design’ so that residents can use the traditional market safely and conveniently. It is a first in the country.

Disaster response safety design consists of disaster response standard design and disaster safety information guidelines, such as evacuation route, fire extinguisher box, and first aid box installation.

The reason why Ulsan Jung-gu is the first in the country to develop and apply disaster response safety design for traditional markets is that the distribution industry, such as traditional markets, is the main industry in this area, and traditional markets have been frequently damaged in the past due to flooding of the Taehwa River. .

Based on the safety design presented at the research service briefing session on the 25th, Jung-gu promoted a pilot traditional market project incorporating safety design for the ‘zone exhibition hall’ this year, and then expanded the business to other traditional markets to create a pleasant and safe traditional market. plans to make

Jung-gu said, “Based on the traditional market disaster response safety design, we will preemptively prepare for various disasters, prevent safety accidents, and revitalize the local economy.”

On the other hand, at the ‘Traditional Market Disaster Response Safety Design Development Research Service Reporting Service’ held at 2:00 pm on the 25th at the Jung-gu Office meeting room, Jung-gu Commissioner Kim Yeong-gil, senior civil servants, regional exhibition center merchants’ association president, Korea Disaster Management Association, Korea Public Design Society researcher, Jungbu Police Station ·16 experts from all walks of life, including officials from the Central Fire Station and university professors, attended the event.

Frog, who was in charge of the service, explained various types of disasters that can occur in traditional markets, such as fire and flooding, at the briefing session and presented evacuation guidance designs.

Then, guidelines for disaster response were presented, such as building space and facilities for disaster preparation and providing disaster safety information, and standard designs for disaster response were introduced, such as installation of evacuation routes, fire extinguishers, and first aid boxes, and division of shelf and warehouse space.

The attendees looked closely at this and shared various opinions on how to effectively incorporate the design into the traditional market.

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