Hanam Mayor Lee Hyeon-jae, conversations with residents of 14 dongs… 256 cases reflected in municipal administration

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From the 11th, Hanam City Mayor Lee Hyun-jae and key executives toured each dong and held a '2023 conversation with residents' for two weeks.

From the 11th, Hanam City Mayor Lee Hyun-jae and key executives toured each dong and held a ‘2023 conversation with residents’ for two weeks.
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Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, is working to create jobs by improving public transportation, expanding living infrastructure, and attracting businesses.

Hanam City announced on the 25th that Mayor Lee Hyeon-jae had made this promise through the ‘2023 Dialogue with Residents’ in 14 buildings in the city for two weeks from the 11th to the 20th.

A total of 256 civil complaints were proposed in the conversation with residents: 156 in the original downtown, 61 in Misa Riverside City, and 39 in Wirye/Gamil New Town.

Mayor Lee said that he would come up with an urban management plan to lift the development restriction zone within the year based on the MOU signed with the Ministry of National Defense in December last year related to Camp Colburn.

In addition, Gyosan New Town met with LH President Lee Han-joon on the 13th and requested compliance with the principle of ‘move first, then demolish’, and explained that they agreed to discuss cooperation plans for self-sufficient facility sites through the formation of a Hanam City-LH council.

Regarding the expansion of living infrastructure in the original city center, he said that he plans to complete the construction of the Poongsan Multi-Sports Center with sports facilities within the first half of this year, and complete the construction of a comprehensive welfare town in Sinjang-dong by the end of this year.

(tentative name) Shindeokpung Station will be attracted as a station connected to the Dream Rest Area transfer facility, and it will continue to ask LH for consultation on the installation of a soundproof tunnel to block noise on the Jungbu Expressway adjacent to residential areas and self-sufficient land.

In addition, Mayor Lee said that he would do his best to promote the town bus semi-public operation system to solve the traffic problem in Wirye and Gamil, reduce the interval between trains by increasing the number of existing bus routes, and reflect the extension of the Wirye Sinsa Line to Hanam in the Gyeonggi-do Railway Basic Plan. . In particular, through the reorganization of bus routes linking major subway hub stations, the Wirye district explained that Namwirye and Bokjeong Station, and the north Wirye and Macheon, Geoyeo, and Garak Market stations were reorganized, and the Gamil district was reviewing routes connecting Olympic Park, Macheon, and Ogeum Stations. .

Regarding the supplementation of living infrastructure in Gamil New Town, he promised to continuously produce results for the expansion of living infrastructure, such as the opening of the Gamil guardhouse at Hanam Police Station and an agreement with a late-night hospital.

In addition, in a conversation with residents of Misa Riverside City, Mayor Lee replied that he was considering increasing the number of bus routes between Hanam and Seoul, and that he was also planning to establish a circular bus at the base station in Hanam. In detail, it is planned to establish a circulation bus centered on Misa Station on Line 5 and increase the number of trains connected to the Central Veterans Hospital Station on Line 9.

Mayor Lee said, “2022, the first year of my inauguration, was a year of efforts to establish a citizen communication system to become a central city in the metropolitan area that competes with Gangnam, Seoul.” We will make a leap forward by providing services.”

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