World Cup spectators no mask… Chinese “why only us” anger

World Cup spectators no mask… Chinese “why only us” anger


Although they failed to advance to the finals, China is also showing keen interest in the World Cup in Qatar.

However, the interests of the Chinese authorities and the thoughts of the Chinese people seem to be completely different.

Correspondent Lim Guangbin in Beijing.


Chinese media are also pouring out news of the World Cup in Qatar every day.

However, perhaps because they failed to advance to the finals, their attention is focused on the other side rather than the game itself.

They are putting the achievements of Chinese companies that participated in Qatar World Cup preparations, including the main stadium where the opening ceremony was held and prefabricated accommodations, at the forefront.

“Chinese companies are like ‘manufacturing giants’ when it comes to speed. If you manage it right, you can get a good product at a good price and on time. That’s an important part of an event like this.”

It is also emphasized that the electric vehicles operating in Qatar are made in China, and 70% of cheering goods and souvenirs are also made in China.

Chinese media are openly saying, “I went to the World Cup except for the players.”

In the midst of this, Chinese people who watched the cheering squad enthusiastically without masks in the stands on TV were outraged.

It is directed towards the Chinese authorities, who are still adhering to the ‘zero corona’ policy and continuing containment and control.

“At the recent World Cup opening ceremony, thousands of people gathered without masks. They selectively close their eyes on these issues and live in their own world.”

On social media, there was also criticism that Chinese media intentionally excluded the cheering of the crowd while reporting the World Cup news and covering the eyes of the Chinese.

This is Yonhap News TV Lim Kwang-bin from Beijing.

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