US adds 400 million dollars in air defense missiles, etc… Blackout across Ukraine

US adds 400 million dollars in air defense missiles, etc… Blackout across Ukraine


The US has announced additional military aid to Ukraine, including air defense missiles.

Russia conducted massive missile strikes and cut off electricity in the capital, Kyiv, as well as throughout Ukraine.

This is reporter Kim Ji-soo.


The U.S. government has announced additional military aid worth $400 million, or about 540 billion won, to Ukraine, which is under heavy missile strikes by Russia.

The US State Department explained that it was to defend against Russian relentless attacks, including on the energy infrastructure.

Air defense missiles are key to this support.

The U.S. Department of Defense explained that it included 150 anti-aircraft guns for drones to prevent drone attacks, advanced surface-to-air missile system ‘Nasams’, and high-speed mobile artillery rocket system ‘Himas’.

As a result, US military aid to Ukraine has increased to $19.7 billion, or about 26.6 trillion won.

In the midst of this, Russia fired 67 missiles in one day, and it was reported that power outages occurred throughout Ukraine, including the capital Kiiu.

“I heard an explosion when I went up the escalator at the subway station and the electricity suddenly cut off.”

Russia bombed a hospital in southern Zaporizhia, killing a newborn baby in a maternity ward.

Ukrainian President Zelensky once again emphasized the will to resist.

“We will rebuild everything and overcome. We are an unbreakable people. Glory to Ukraine!”

This is Yonhap News Kim Ji-soo.

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