Retirement of the head of a public institution under Yongin City, matching the term of office of the mayor

In Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, the term of office of the head of a government agency under the city automatically ends before the term of a new mayor begins.

This was proposed by Lee Sang-il, Mayor of Yongin Special Investigation, with the intention of preventing the recurrence of exhausting controversies, such as the issue of the new mayor and the position of the head of a public agency under the local government appointed by the former mayor, in each local government whenever local elections are held every four years.

According to Yongin City on the 24th, the 268th Yongin City Council 2nd regular meeting of the 268th Yongin City Council’s 2nd regular meeting of the 23rd, the ‘partially amended ordinance on the operation of Yongin-invested and funded institutions’, which contains the contents of making the term of office of the head of a public institution under the city coincide with that of the mayor. passed the plenary session.

In accordance with the implementation of the amended ordinance, the terms of office for each head of each affiliated public institution have been unified to two years, and reappointment is possible. However, if a new mayor is elected, the term of office of the head of the institution appointed by the former mayor automatically ends before the new mayor’s term begins.

The ordinance is applicable to the heads of six organizations: Yongin City Volunteer Center, Yongin City Youth Future Foundation, Yongin Market Study Foundation, Yongin Cultural Foundation, Yongin City Soccer Center, and Yongin City Industry Promotion Agency.

The president of the Yongin City Corporation and the head of the Yongin Municipal Research Institute, whose term of office is separately stipulated in accordance with relevant laws such as the Local Public Enterprise Act and the Regional Research Institute Act, are excluded.

A city official said, “By matching the term of office of the head of an affiliate with the term of the mayor, who has the authority to appoint, we expect to prevent unnecessary personnel conflicts and increase the efficiency and stability of municipal administration by sharing the philosophy and vision of the new mayor.”

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