Germany “It’s a big price if you ignore it”… Declaration to break away from China’s trade dependence

Germany “It’s a big price if you ignore it”… Declaration to break away from China’s trade dependence



Germany, which has been absolutely dependent on China for trade, announced a change by declaring its withdrawal from China.

It is a strategy to avoid repeating the same energy crisis that we faced when we depended on Russian gas.

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Shortly after the end of President Xi Jinping’s long-term rule, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz became the first Western leader to visit China.

Although there were achievements in the tight schedule of one night without nights, sharp criticism poured out even from the United States, Europe, and Germany.

It is because of concerns that Germany will become a weak link in cracking the Western line to contain China.

From Germany’s point of view, China has been the largest trading partner for the past six years, and the more the US-China new Cold War structure becomes clearer, the greater the impact on the German economy.

In addition, the variable of the war in Ukraine has amplified concerns about the German economy’s dependence on China.

This is because Germany, which has been dependent on Russian gas, joined Western sanctions, and Russia shut down its gas pipelines, which put Germany in a serious energy crisis.

Amidst these concerns, Germany has openly revealed its intention to redefine relations with China.

“If we do nothing now, we will pay a very high price.”

“Continuing the same policy as before is not an option,” Scholz said.

“That’s why we want to end energy and trade policies that have resulted in unilateral dependence, especially on Russia or China.”

In fact, the German government recently rejected Volkswagen’s investment guarantee in China for the first time, citing human rights issues in Xinjiang.

Against this backdrop, analysts say that “reducing Germany’s dependence on China is the core of the challenge facing the Scholz government.”

There is a prospect that Germany’s new China strategy, which is expected to come out early next year, will represent a clear break with the era of former Chancellor Angela Merkel.

This is Yonhap News TV Jeong Ho-yoon.

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