Pohang City-Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics-Gyeongbuk ICT Convergence Industry Promotion Association held ‘The 18th Pohang Family Science Festival and the 20th Meeting with Scientists’

Pohang–(Newswire) November 16, 2022 — Pohang City (Mayor Lee Kang-deok), Asia-Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (Director Bang Yun-gyu, hereinafter APCTP) and Gyeongbuk ICT Convergence Industry Promotion Association (Director Lee Ji-sang or less, GBICT) held a meeting on November 19 From Sunday (Sat) to November 20 (Sun), the ’18th Pohang Family Science Festival, 20th Meeting with Scientists’ event will be held at Pohang University of Science and Technology’s POSCO International Hall.

The ‘Pohang Family Science Festival’ and ‘Meeting with Scientists’ began with the goal of cultivating local residents’ scientific knowledge and spreading science culture, and are now positioning themselves as science and cultural events representing Pohang. In particular, this year, as the site is held after COVID-19, it is expected that it will become a lively science festival venue where citizens can communicate.

The Pohang Family Science Festival is a program to experience and communicate the development of science and technology. Experiential and class programs to experience scientific principles such as VR, MR, and the James Webb telescope are operated through prior application for two days. In particular, experiential activities are predicted to be in high demand among children and adolescents, and are expected to have a positive impact on enhancing scientific interest.

In addition, ‘The 1st Pohang Youth SW Future Filling Coding Contest’ will be held divided into elementary and middle school divisions. The coding contest can also be entered through the website application, and it will be a good opportunity for science dreamers to grow into creative and convergent talents.

The ‘Meeting with Scientists’ program is also operated through prior application. The science play performance ‘Quantum War (producer: Alien Agency)’ with the theme of ‘quantum’ will be shown on the screen. Afterwards, Professor Beomjun Kim (Department of Physics, Sungkyunkwan University) will be a speaker, and Professor Jiwoo Park (Department of Physics, POSTECH) and Shincheol Kang (CEO, Alien Workshop) will participate in the panel to host an interesting talk show related to theater. It is expected that it will be a time to easily and interestingly convey related contents such as scientific principles and laws contained in the play, increase understanding of the contents through Q&A with the public, and solve their curiosity.

Bang Yoon-gyu, director of APCTP, said, “We expect that this science festival will be an interesting science and cultural activity that the whole family can enjoy by integrating plays/lectures, competitions, and experiences.” We will continue to make efforts to become a research institute that communicates with the public, such as contributing to giving back and popularizing science.”

Lee Ji-sang, head of the GBICT Association, said, “I hope that this Pohang Family Science Festival will be a time for citizens not only to experience and enjoy science that has recently been in the limelight, but also to build precious memories.” We will take the lead,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Asia-Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics not only carries out R&D projects supported by the government’s Science and Technology Promotion Fund and Lottery Fund, but also promotes and increases social values ​​by disseminating scientific content and giving back to society according to project outcomes. are continuously working for

Overview of the Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics

The Asia-Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) is Korea’s first and only international theoretical physics research institute. By promoting international cooperation with theoretical physicists from other regions, including Asia Pacific, we are striving to improve the research competitiveness of scientists in the Asia-Pacific region and to nurture world-class next-generation scientific leaders. Currently, 17 member countries are Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Mongolia, India, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Canada, and Kyrgyzstan.

Pohang Family Science Festival Program Pre-registration: https://forms.gle/c4mwAboJ3EkeMLwn7
Pre-register for Meet the Scientist: https://forms.gle/fLXAN8m6qjWAFDyCA
Pre-registration for the 1st Pohang Youth SW Mirae Fill Coding Contest: http://www.2022coding.com

Website: http://www.apctp.org

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