Launched one-stop integrated electronic labor management service for family and daily workers

Seoul–(Newswire) November 14, 2022 — Non-face-to-face daily employment mediation platform Family members pay withholding tax and automatically calculate social insurance premiums according to their wages to job seekers and job seekers who use the service ) announced on the 14th that it has launched an integrated electronic labor management service that provides one-stop support for labor managers and wage statements, as well as a service for issuing invoices exempted from introduction fees.

This new service is △Ministry of Employment and Labor’s mandatory participation in industrial accident registration for daily workers and issuance of wage statements △Ministry of Employment and Labor’s monthly withholding tax reporting obligation and full-scale expansion of the daily income identification (RTI) system for daily workers △National Pension Service, Health Insurance, and Health This was done in accordance with the strengthened supervision of insurance subscriptions.

The integrated electronic labor management service for daily workers launched by the family this time is the first in Korea to support both direct payment of wages and loans (established), and the contents of contract documents also provide legal advice to labor attorneys, tax accountants, and lawyers to ensure the legal effect of electronic documents. It is provided through

Through this, by providing a system that enables the withholding of wage and salary income tax (local tax) required at the job site and automatic calculation of employment insurance premiums, national pension and health insurance coverage through the calculation of work manpower, etc. It is possible to reduce costs by drastically reducing the creation of on-site labor documents, as well as to solve legal risks due to non-fulfillment of related reports.

In addition, the introduction fee exemption issuance service provided along with the integrated electronic labor management service allows the head office manager of the job site to check the wage payment information and dispatch details at all sites across the country, as well as the ‘labor management’ of the job search app for deduction of the introduction fee. If you apply through the tab, you can get a tax exemption invoice for the daily employment brokerage introduction fee at all sites nationwide at once. The deadline for application for issuance of invoices is the 4th of the following month, and the issuance date is the 10th of the following month, and will be issued starting from the previous month’s departure details.

A person in charge of a family member said, “Our big goal is to provide one-stop, convenient support for labor-related contracts and reporting obligations, which are being strengthened along with the unreasonable job search environment and wages of the existing daily labor brokerage market.” Various functions will be updated next year to become a service that improves labor and tax work efficiency and provides automated electronic document issuance that meets government regulations, and provides a stable work environment for 2.3 million daily job seekers with a social safety net guaranteed. will be,” he said.

Meanwhile, the family currently has over 70,000 corporate customers, including corporations and individual entrepreneurs, and 50,000 daily workers nationwide, including male and female technicians, tributes, and ordinary workers. It is a job search brokerage service. From redevelopment and reconstruction to building construction, interior decoration, demolition, logistics, moving, and restaurant dispatch, 55 specialized occupations are brokered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 365 days a year, through real-time assignments without waiting in the morning through family members.

Job & Partner Overview

Job&Partner is developing and operating the nationwide integrated daily worker brokerage platform ‘Family’ service, and is developing innovative technologies for HR innovation such as artificial intelligence-based customized manpower matching, nationwide real-time daily dispatch, labor management system, and secure payment of wages. Since the launch of the single-family service in August 2019, the mediation transaction amount has grown by more than 500% for three consecutive years, and through 42 family-owned branches across the country, more than 250,000 daily job placements in 90,000 sites nationwide and the cumulative transaction amount of more than 30 billion won based on the headquarters. is achieving


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