“Moving safety shield”… Volvo Motors unveils new technology-intensive flagship ‘EX90’

“The EX90 is the beginning of a new era.”

Volvo Motors has introduced a pure electric flagship model that integrates electrification and autonomous driving technologies. On the 9th (local time), Volvo Motors unveiled ‘EX90’, a 7-seater large sports utility vehicle (SUV) that heralds the next 100 years in Stockholm, Sweden.

“The EX90 raises safety standards higher by driving up to 600 km on a single charge,” said Jim Rowan, Volvo Cars CEO. introduced that

Volvo Cars electric flagship model EX90.

The most notable technology is safety that protects the driver and the surrounding environment as well. The EX90, which offers a high standard of safety, is equipped with an invisible safety shield so that the vehicle can understand the driver and the surrounding environment with advanced sensing technology installed inside and outside.

It combines a high-performance core computer with 8 cameras, 5 radars, 16 ultrasonic sensors, and advanced sensors such as LiDAR. Nvidia Drive, which runs the software developed in-house, monitors the vehicle in real-time 360 ​​degrees to protect the occupants.

Volvo EX90 lidar sensor.

LiDAR detects pedestrians 250m ahead and small objects within a radius of 120m, even at high-speed driving at night. The reliability and performance of the Driving Assist Technology Pilot Assist, which adds steering assistance technology to assist with lane changes, has also been improved.

In the interior, a special sensor driven by a patented algorithm and a camera are equipped with technology to measure the concentration of the driver’s gaze. It is a technology that the vehicle understands the driver’s condition, giving attention to each step in situations such as distracted driving or drowsy driving or stopping the vehicle. Safety technology learns new data and supports updates over the air. For the first time as a brand, hardware (HW) for future autonomous driving has been completed.

Volvo EX90 interior.

The design that shows the future of Volvo cars also draws attention. The aerodynamic efficiency was strengthened by reinterpreting the Scandinavian design. The interior is a 7-seater structure and uses sustainable materials such as fabrics made from recycled materials.

The EX90 heralds the age of wheeled batteries. The powertrain will first show a twin-motor all-wheel drive version powered by a 111 kW battery and two permanent magnet electric motors. It provides powerful driving performance based on the power of 380kW (517 horsepower) and 910Nm. The driving range based on WLTP is up to 600 km, and the battery can be charged to 10-80% within 30 minutes.

Volvo Cars electric flagship model EX90.
Volvo Cars electric flagship model EX90.

Two-way charging is also supported. It is a technology that allows the use of batteries as an additional energy supply. With the smart charging function, you can avoid expensive peak times and use the remaining power for home or electric devices after charging.

The EX90 will start full-scale production at the Charleston plant next year. The EX90 is expected to be available in Korea soon. Nick Connor, head of Volvo Cars Asia-Pacific, visited Korea in September, and promised, “We will unveil the EX90 to Korea first in the Asia-Pacific region,” emphasizing the importance of the Korean market.

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