Jinju-eul Regional Committee of the Democratic Party of Korea Operates the Civil Service Office

In the afternoon of the 6th, the Jinju-eul Regional Committee (Chairman Han Kyung-ho) of the Minjoo Party operated a field-moving civil affairs office in Chojeon Park with the participation of the Steering Committee and the Myeon-dong Party member council chairperson to listen to complaints from citizens and conduct a survey on local issues.

The committee said, “We are trying to solve pending issues through questionnaires about opinions on the duration of the Yudeung Festival and tasks that need to be solved urgently in the region.”

Chairman Han Kyung-ho said, “In the future, we will hold mobile civil complaint rooms at various sites such as apartment complexes, terminals, traditional markets, and other multi-purpose facilities to engage with citizens and hold small gatherings such as meetings with senior citizens’ parties.”

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