Jae-myung Lee’s first speech by the representative of a negotiating group, proposal for a special committee on constitutional amendment including a four-year term

Lee Jae-myung, chairman of the Democratic Party of Korea, officially proposed a special constitutional amendment committee and a council for promoting common promises between the ruling and opposition parties at the National Assembly. He also emphasized the ‘basic series’ again. On the other hand, while the people’s power responded positively to the formation of the opposition and opposition council, they did not hide their discomfort in the claim of the ‘super-rich tax cut’.

In a speech by the representative of the National Assembly negotiating group on the 28th, President Lee proposed to establish a ‘Special Committee on Constitutional Revision’ in the National Assembly to amend the constitution through a referendum along with the 2024 general election.

President Lee proposed to amend the constitution, saying, “We need to change the five-year single-term system to a four-year two-term system to enable responsible politics and increase the continuity of government.” As for constitutional amendments, in addition to the four-year tenure system, the introduction of runoff voting, the Prime Minister’s National Assembly recommendation system, the transfer of the Board of Audit and Inspection to the National Assembly, and strengthening of direct democracy were suggested.

“It is very difficult to change the constitution. The 22nd general election, which is the middle of the president’s term, is the right time. “If the Special Committee on Constitutional Amendment makes a constitutional amendment within the range that can reach a national consensus and holds a referendum along with the 2024 general election, it will be possible to change the 1987 system while minimizing costs.” It is proposed to form a ‘Special Committee on Constitutional Revision’ within the National Assembly immediately after this year’s regular National Assembly. Let’s change it step by step from what is agreed upon.”

He also announced the idea of ​​a consultative body for promoting common promises between the ruling and opposition parties. Representative Lee said, “Let’s push forward the election promise we made to the people together. We urge the establishment of a consultative body to promote the common pledge of the ruling and opposition parties and joint promotion of the common pledge,” he said.

As for economic policy, he emphasized the ‘basic series’, which he has advocated since his days as a presidential candidate.

“We need to change the social system so that the basic lives of the people are guaranteed in all areas such as income, housing, finance, medical care, welfare, energy, and telecommunications,” said CEO Lee.

CEO Lee said, “Ex-President Park Geun-hye’s unfulfilled promise, to pay 200,000 won a month ‘basic pension’ to all the elderly, was the basic income for the elderly. said

As a countermeasure against the economic crisis, the measures in accordance with the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) are △Basic financial system △Measures for the self-employed and small business owners △Realize the amount of disaster aid △Integrate the unit price of delivery △Maintain the safe freight rate system △Rice price stabilization law △Balanced national development △Privatization The Prevention Act, the Prevention of the Preferential Sale of State-owned Property, and Industry Countermeasures to the Climate Crisis were presented. A “Special Committee to Counter the Population Crisis and Low Birth” was also proposed.

He strongly criticized the tax policy of the government and the ruling party. CEO Lee said, “The corporate tax for large corporations with annual operating profit of 300 billion won or more has been reduced, and the tax-free standard for stock transfer income tax has been raised from 1 billion won to 10 billion won. “He wants to abolish the progressive tax on three or more houses,” he pointed out.

The People’s Power responded positively to several opposition councils, including the Special Committee on Constitutional Amendment, proposed by Chairman Lee on the same day. Joo Ho-young, floor leader of the People’s Power, met with reporters after Lee’s speech to the negotiating group and said, “We will be able to create a special committee on climate change and carbon neutrality, and a special committee on measures for the low birthrate population.” will go through I think we need to organize our opinions on constitutional amendment internally.”

However, the ‘basic series’ had a negative opinion. Minority leader Joo said, “I said too many idealistic things about the fact that there is nothing free in the world.”

Park Jeong-ha, senior spokesperson for the People’s Power, also commented, “Lee Jae-myung-sik’s populist ‘basic income’ has appeared again in the presidential election. Basic income will not be realized just because the huge opposition party shouts out words,” he criticized.

He also pointed out, “They are dividing the public by misleading the improvement of regulations for the revitalization of the private economy as ‘tax cuts for the super-rich,’ and they are creating social unrest by mentioning ‘privatization myths’ that do not even exist.”

Correspondent Kichang Choi [email protected]

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