Young lawmaker Woo Jong-hyuk proposes an ordinance to represent the youth generation

An ordinance was enacted to promote the rights and interests of young people in Gangnam-gu, Seoul and to create decent jobs.

At the first regular meeting of the 306th Gangnam-gu Council on the 26th, the ‘Partial Amendment Ordinance for Gangnam-gu Youth Basic Ordinance’ and ‘Partial Amendment Ordinance on Job Creation for Youth in Gangnam-gu’, which were proposed by University student member Jong-hyeok Woo, the representative, were approved.

The ‘Gangnam-gu Youth Basic Ordinance Partial Amendment Ordinance Bill’ was designed to strengthen the guarantee of youth participation in relation to youth policy and to enhance youth rights and interests in order to provide substantiality to Gangnam-gu’s youth policy and to prepare more realistic policies for young people. . In addition, at least one-half of the commissioned members of the Youth Policy Committee are to be included in the youth network, and items discovered or suggested by the youth network are actively reflected in the old projects and systems.

The ‘Partial Revision Ordinance on Youth Job Creation in Gangnam-gu’ is a more active response to the youth unemployment problem, as the youth unemployment problem can become an obstacle to national growth or a factor in social unrest in the long-term economic downturn and the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to achieve this, a basic plan was established and projects related to youth employment were made more concrete.

The main contents are ▲Establish a basic plan for youth job creation every five years to systematically promote youth job policies ▲Prepare the basis for conducting a fact-finding survey so that it can be used as basic data for policy establishment for youth job creation and employment promotion ▲Job creation for young people and business specific to promote employment.

Rep. Woo Jong-hyuk said, “Youth are the foundation of our society’s development, but they are experiencing difficulties in all areas of life, including employment, due to recent changes in the political, economic, social and cultural environment, but lack of policy support for this.” In order to improve the performance and prepare more realistic policies for young people, we have strengthened the guarantee of youth participation in relation to youth policy and made concrete projects for the promotion of youth rights,” he explained.

He added, “The revised ordinance bill for the basic youth ordinance has additionally added content that can serve as a basis for promoting youth policy projects in Gangnam-gu, and the ordinance on youth job creation aims to establish a new basic plan for Gangnam-gu to create jobs for young people.” added.

Rep. Woo said, “This youth-related ordinance is the first ordinance initiated by the representative that contains my ambition to lead ‘Gangnam in the world’ by newly establishing a provision on international cooperation for young people for the first time in an autonomous district. The basis for the project has been laid, and we have spurred the implementation of the policy,” he said.

Addendum | Published in Gangnam Tomorrow Newspaper

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