Infineon launches 800V and 950V CoolSET™ 5th generation AC-DC IPS products

SEOUL–(Korea Newswire) September 27, 2022 — In addition to optimizing the performance, efficiency and reliability of high-voltage power supplies, it is also necessary to reduce the number and cost of the bill of material (BOM) and reduce the design effort.

Infineon Technologies (CEO Seung-soo Lee, Korea)’s fifth-generation fixed-frequency (FF) CoolSET™ portfolio provides devices that meet these needs. The new 800V and 950V AC-DC integrated power stages (IPS) are available in DIP-7 packages and are ideal for applications such as △Auxiliary power supply for home appliances △AC-DC converters △Battery chargers △Solar energy systems △Motor control and drives. Suitable.

The fixed-frequency CoolSET solution integrates a PWM controller IC and the latest high-voltage CoolMOS™ P7 Super-Junction (SJ) MOSFETs in a single package. The fifth-generation, fixed-frequency CoolSET™ portfolio offers the industry’s first devices that employ avalanche-tolerant SJ MOSFETs with a breakdown voltage of 950V to enable wider input voltages.

The new device enables both isolated and non-isolated topologies such as flyback and buck, and operates at 100kHz and 65kHz switching frequencies. It enables both buck topology and flyback in a single device, simplifying the supply chain for customers. The integrated error amplifier supports feedback directly from the primary output. This is a feature commonly used in non-isolated topologies to minimize component count and lower design complexity.

Frequency reduction mode with soft gate drive and frequency jitter operation lowers EMI and improves efficiency between heavy and light load conditions. These products also support continuous (CCM) conduction mode and discontinuous conduction mode (DCM). At low AC line input conditions, CCM operation lowers conduction losses and thereby increases efficiency, helping to meet energy efficiency standards. The MOSFETs employed in these devices support the extremely wide input voltage range required for single-phase smart metering and industrial applications. In addition, these devices can optimize snubber circuitry to further improve converter efficiency and lower standby power consumption.

The new devices feature a high level of functional integration, include comprehensive protection features, and have an auto-restart function to automatically restart the power system in the event of a fault. This protection combined with the high breakdown voltage of the SJ MOSFET increases the robustness of the power supply. Active Burst Mode (ABM) improves light load performance and achieves extremely low standby power consumption with low output voltage ripple.

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The new fixed frequency 800V and 950V CoolSET™ 5th generation AC-DC IPS portfolio is available in DIP-7 packages and is available now. Additional information can be found on the website.

Infineon at a glance

Infineon Technologies is a leader in the global semiconductor solution market that pursues convenience, safety and eco-friendliness in life. Infineon’s microelectronics are key technologies for a better future. As of fiscal year 2021 (end of September 30), it achieved sales of 11.1 billion euros with approximately 5,280 employees worldwide. Infineon is registered on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (trading symbol: IFX) and the US over-the-counter market OTCQX International Premier (trading symbol: IFNNY).

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