High-ranking official “US NSC responds to President Yoon’s remarks ‘no problem'”

High-ranking official “US NSC responds to President Yoon’s remarks ‘no problem'”


A high-ranking government official said that he had delivered to the White House and the US government regarding President Yoon Seok-yeol’s so-called profanity controversy, and the government’s position that it was not aimed at the US side.

The explanation is that the US responded that there was no problem.

This is Correspondent Lee Kyung-hee in Washington DC.


A high-ranking government official said that he had delivered the position of the presidential office to the US on the controversy over the use of so-called profanity by President Yoon Seok-yeol during his visit to New York.

Based on a briefing by Kim Eun-hye, chief of public relations at the President’s Office in New York on the 22nd, he said that he explained to a senior official at the National Security Council of the US that the remarks were not directed at the US, and that the NSC responded that there was no problem.

It is known that Ambassador Cho Tae-yong delivered the position of the Korean government directly to the US White House NSC and delivered it to the State Department through a government delegation.

The embassy explained that before and after our explanation, the US government has not asked for a detailed explanation or raised any issues.

It is also said that there have been no cases where the US Congress or lawmakers directly raised the issue.

Meanwhile, the embassy in the U.S. self-respected that the conditions were not good for the controversy surrounding the 48-second meeting between the leaders of the Republic of Korea and the United States, but nonetheless, they saw meaningful results through pre-practice coordination.

It is an explanation that the situation has changed due to the schedule of condolences to the Queen of England.

In particular, he emphasized that there was a discussion between the leaders regarding the electric vehicle issue, and said that he is urging us to seek a solution that reflects our understanding.

“I think it is a meaningful result that the summit discussed our industry concerns regarding the inflation reduction law and confirmed our sincere will to cooperate on this issue. I confirmed…”

In the beginning, the two leaders were working together to hold a formal meeting on the occasion of the UN General Assembly, but it is reported that the formal meeting failed as President Biden’s stay in New York was shortened due to the attendance of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

This is Yonhap News TV, Lee Kyung-hee from Washington.

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