GS E&C’s No. 1 in-house venture Indeed Lab launches an app that embodies the real view and insolation for each generation

Seoul–(Korea Newswire) September 26, 2022 — A real estate information service ‘stack.’, a real estate information service that allows you to view the actual views and sunlight by household, with one app, has been launched without selling your products. If the existing service implements the right of view only in 3D, ‘stack.’ provides quantified data such as the right of view and sunlight, energy efficiency, and market price for the first time in Korea, including 3D implementation, so that apartment values ​​can be compared and analyzed at once.

GS E&C announced on the 26th that Indeed Lab, the first in-house venture, has launched the industry’s first app ‘stack.’ Indeed Lab, the first in-house venture of GS E&C, was spun off as an independent corporation in March of this year and released Stack to the market.

The stack service is a new concept proptech service that quantifies and visualizes generation-specific environmental performance data analyzed with self-developed technology, and allows users to explore and compare houses that fit their preferences using the data. Proptech is a compound word of property and technology, and refers to a new type of service in which ICT technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and VR/AR are combined with the real estate market.

If you search for the apartment complex name, dong, and lake, the image of the view area seen from the household is provided, so you can see the scope of the view at a glance as if you were visiting the site. For example, if you want to purchase an apartment with a view of the Han River, it means that you can see how and how the Han River actually looks through the main living room window of the house you want to purchase without looking for it yourself. The view of the outside landscape, such as green areas and water spaces, that can be seen through the windows in the house, is almost similar to the real one. The amount of insolation is also detailed by month and time of day, so you can know how much sunlight enters your house depending on the season and time.

Energy environment analysis is also possible. By analyzing the energy environment according to the amount of sunlight by household, it predicts the increase/decrease rate of cooling/heating energy consumption in summer and winter based on the average of the complex. If there is a road with a lot of air, rail, or vehicle traffic in the vicinity of the complex, the degree of external noise influence can be provided for each household.

In particular, the stack provides a ranking within the complex of generations by environmental performance items. The ranking is displayed by item of how many times a specific household has the highest view, sunlight time, openness, solar radiation, interior landscaping, and expected solar power generation compared to the entire household or similarly balanced households.

The most notable part is that, for the first time in Korea, detailed information such as the view right and sunlight right of not only new pre-sale complexes but also complexes under construction or scheduled for construction can be checked. In addition, it is also worth noting that it is designed to make it easier for users to find the apartment they want through conditional search. For example, by setting the user’s preferred items such as the view right, the amount of sunlight and the sense of openness, and the data conditions for each item, the customized complex is searched, making it easier to find an apartment.

Stack goes beyond just providing analysis data, and also provides customized solutions. If a specific household is registered as ‘our house’, it even suggests a customized item for each generation that can improve functions based on the household’s environmental performance analysis data. For example, if the set ‘My House’ is a house with a lot of insolation, it is a type of proposal to install a window glass film for cooling, and if it is a house in an area affected by external noise, the installation of system windows to improve sound insulation is proposed.

Currently, Stack Service plans to expand its service offering to apartments across the country in the first half of next year, starting with the entire Seoul area and some areas in the metropolitan area. Indeed Lab also provides design solutions that enable optimal complex placement for construction companies, developers, and cooperatives that are promoting urban renewal through Proptech technology. It has already successfully carried out projects by applying the developed technology in Hannam, Seoul, Sokcho, Gangwon, and Sangok, Incheon.

Indeed Lab CEO Jeong Yo-han said, “By providing self-analysis data at the customer’s eye level, apartment information is configured to be accessed more easily, and the service has been implemented to provide a standard for objectively judging the value of a residential space.” said.

Meanwhile, since August 2020, GS E&C has been operating an in-house venture system that provides support for new business ideas that can be realized from employees through an in-house public offering and supports even spin-off as an independent corporation. Indeed Lab is the first example of this, and GS E&C will provide support until the company is able to establish itself with competitiveness, including business promotion and confirmation, and overseas expansion in order to enhance corporate competitiveness even after the spin-off of an in-house startup.


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