President Yoon’s “Lee XX” listening evaluation, the answer is ‘different’

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Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Won displays a screen related to President Yoon Seok-yeol's 'controversy over profanity' on an electronic board during a plenary session on education, society, and culture held at the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul on the 22nd.

▲ President Yoon’s “profanity” screen appeared in the government question Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Won displays a screen related to President Yoon Seok-yeol’s “controversy over profanity” on an electronic board during a plenary session on education, society, and culture held at the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul on the 22nd.
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In the wake of President Yoon Seok-yeol’s scandal of profanity, the untimely ‘listening evaluation’ is popular among lawmakers of the People’s Power. This is a summary of the remarks they heard directly in order to assert that there was no deprecation of the US Congress or the use of profane language in President Yoon’s remarks, but the correct answers are also controversial.

Representatives from the People’s Power side who participated in the ‘Listening Evaluation’ of President Yoon’s remarks were Rep. Bae Hyun-jin, Rep. Yoo Sang-beom, and Rep. Park Soo-young.

Bae Hyun-jin, Yoo Sang-beom, and Park Soo-young participated in the listening evaluation

All of them disclosed on Facebook the remarks they had heard of President Yoon, claiming that there were no profanity or derogatory comments about the United States. However, the opinions of these members of the House of Representatives are different. First, the dictation sentence left on Facebook by Rep. Bae Hyun-jin, a former MBC announcer who can be said to be a Korean language expert, is as follows.

“What should I do if the member of the National Assembly ‘these people’ do not approve and ‘Ah Malimun’ is offended?”

Rep. Bae wrote the part known as ‘this XX’ in President Yoon’s remarks as ‘this person’ and the part known as ‘Biden’ as ‘Ah Malimun’. Rep. Bae said there was no problem with President Yoon’s remarks, and he called it a “peaceful conclusion.”

However, the dictation answers of Yoo Sang-beom and Park Soo-young of the same party are slightly different. President Yoon’s remarks posted by the two lawmakers on their Facebook are as follows: Most of the dictated sentences are the same, but it is confirmed that the parts “Members of Parliament” and “In the National Assembly” are different.

“What should I do if the members of the National Assembly don’t approve of this?” (Rep. Yoo Sang-beom)
“What should I do if the National Assembly doesn’t approve these people?” (Rep. Park Soo-young)

The two lawmakers silenced the part where Rep. Bae Hyun-jin wrote, “Oh, malimun” (the controversial part called Biden). They declared that it is a ‘scientific approach’ using voice that excludes ambient noise as much as possible and “puts an end to the controversy.”


Kim Eun-hye, senior public relations officer

First of all, the correct answers given by the three lawmakers are all different, which contradicts the official position of the presidential office.

At the time when the controversy over the profanity of the president arose, Kim Eun-hye, chief of public relations at the presidential office, summarized President Yoon’s remarks as follows: It was referring to the Korean opposition, not the US Congress, and the gist of the explanation was that it was ‘blow-up’, not ‘Biden’. She even admitted some of the profanity controversy.

“If the National Assembly doesn’t approve these XXs and blows them up, what should I do if they sell them?”

Chief Kim answered, “Yes,” to the reporters’ question, “Are you saying that the front XX is right and the rear is blown?” He added, “I have heard and understood the concerns of the public about harsh expressions.” The claims of the three members of the People’s Power that there was no profanity and the explanation of the presidential office do not match at all.

In such a situation where the correct answers are different, what is certain is that the presidential office and the power of the people do not work together in responding to the current situation. This is the reason why voices of self-confidence come out saying, “You must admit your mistakes” even in the corners of the passport.

On the 24th, Daegu Mayor Hong Jun-pyo, who belongs to the People’s Power, criticized the response of the presidential office and the passport, saying, “When an incident occurs, you always have to break through it.

Mayor Hong emphasized, “Even if it’s late, we have to admit our mistakes and correct them. If we keep dragging them, we will only lose public trust,” he said.

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