A solution to the music streaming copyright fee blocked by the low-pitched sound

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The adjustment of music copyright fees to minimize the burden on music streaming operators due to the forced Google in-app payment is not speeding up against the opposition of the Korea Music Copyright Association.

It was confirmed that the Music Basketball Association rejected all two arbitration proposals prepared through discussions between the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, music streaming operators, and music copyright holders’ organizations.

Considering the situation in which Google has forced in-app payment and raised payment fees by up to 30% since June, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has discussed with the industry to calculate copyright fees for music streaming service providers. An arbitration plan was devised to pay

The arbitration plan is an approach to minimize the burden on users by minimizing the possibility of additional increases in music streaming service fees, and to minimize the burden on companies while ensuring rights by ensuring that creators are paid the same amount of copyright fees.

This is an adjustment considering the fact that if music streaming service providers stop their services due to worsening management due to increased copyright fees, the total copyright fees that music creators will receive will decrease. Previously, 65% of the company’s total sales were paid as music copyright fees.

If the current formula is maintained, the sales of operators will increase due to the effect of the fee increase, and the copyright fee to be returned to the right holder will increase. Taking this into account, the Music Basketball Association decided that the arbitration plan could undermine the interests of creators such as composers and lyricists.

“The first thing we need to do is to check the actual data to see how much the burden on operators has increased due to the increase in Google payment fees, and the size of the users of In-App Purchases,” said an official of Eumjeohyup.

A solution to the music streaming copyright fee blocked by the low-pitched sound

On the 23rd, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism held a meeting of the transmission subcommittee of the Music Industry Development Committee and presented a second arbitration proposal that temporarily applies the existing arbitration proposal for two years.

Music streaming operators such as Melon and Genie Music, and rights-holders groups such as the Korea Record Industry Association and Korea Music Performers Association agreed for a win-win relationship, but the Music Association expressed their opposition again. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism plans to draw a final conclusion as soon as possible after collecting opinions of each company and organization in writing on the second arbitration proposal.

An official from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said, “We have discussed through nine meetings and proposed an arbitration plan, but some disagreements have not been narrowed. “We will finalize the adjustment plan in the first week of October at the latest,” he said.

First of all, it is likely to revise and apply the music copyright fee collection regulations centering on organizations that have agreed to the arbitration plan, and then proceed with further discussions with the Music Basketball Association. If there is still no agreement after that, the possibility is raised that the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism may decide to revise the collection rules for eumjeohyeop ex officio.

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