“The Jeongjo typeface is correct”… Point out that Hwaseong City’s municipal slogan design is disappointing

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8th popularly elected municipal slogan basic type (calligraphy type)

‘Hope that changes my life’. This is the slogan of the 8th municipal administration led by Myeong-geun Jeong, Mayor of Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do. The completion of the municipal slogan for the 8th civil election in Hwaseong City proceeded very quickly compared to other cities. After becoming the winner of the local election on June 1, Jeong Myung-geun announced a municipal slogan on July 5. It is a municipal slogan design using the Hangeul font of King Jeongjo the Great.

On the other hand, Seongnam City (Mayor Sang-Jin Shin) held a municipal relief citizen contest for one month in July and received 223 cases. After that, 32 winning works were selected, and on September 6, the municipal slogan ‘Seongnam, a city of hope for cutting-edge and innovation’ was confirmed. Seongnam City is still in the process of devising a municipal relief design.

The city of Suwon (Mayor Jae-Jun Lee) also set a municipal slogan of ‘Make Suwon to Shine Citizens anew’ on July 5, and unveiled the calligraphy design of artist Sang-Hoon Kim on September 4.


Regarding the basic design of the city government slogan (calligraphy type) of Hwaseong City, the city of Hwaseong announced in a press release on July 5 that “the design was made using the Hangeul typeface of King Jeongjo, which reflects the filial piety and innovative ideas of King Jeongjo.” He explained, “We can more clearly convey the values ​​and vision of Hwaseong City.”

However, there were also voices of dissatisfaction with the design of the relief design for municipal administration in Hwaseong. Roh Noh-su (73, Hyang-nam), who worked as a first-generation designer in Korea, said, “I feel sorry for the municipal slogan design. It is a pity to study the typeface of Jeongjo.” We are preparing a typeface to be engraved on the erected Jangseung.”

He added, “Hwang Gye-dong, Chairman Moon Moon-han of the Residents’ Council, and several other citizens are researching typefaces together. I hope Hwaseong City will be more interested in design.”

The municipal slogan for the 8th civil election in Hwaseong was created by entrusting it to a private design company.


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Municipal slogans of the 8th popularly elected Hwaseong Mayor Jeong Myeong-geun.  From the top, it is divided into calligraphy type, utilization type, and frame type.

Municipal slogans of the 8th popularly elected Hwaseong Mayor Jeong Myeong-geun. From the top, it is divided into calligraphy type, utilization type, and frame type.
ⓒ Hwaseong Citizen Newspaper

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An official from the Hwaseong City Policy Planning and Planning Team said in a phone call with the Hwaseong Citizens’ Daily on the 14th, “I thought the meaning of the slogan of the 8th municipal government was important. Please reflect on the meaning that the city is gradually changing to focus on the value of citizens’ lives.”

Seungil Yeom, director of Studio Flat Flag, a professional design company commissioned by Hwaseong City, explained the typeface design process through a phone call with the Hwaseong Citizen Newspaper on the 15th. Art director Yeom Seung-il explained, “I was asked to swear by the calligraphic chain ‘Hope to change my life’ and I was thinking about the design and referring to the image of Jeongjo’s typeface.”

In the future, Hwaseong City plans to develop a special typeface for King Jeongjo and distribute it nationwide. The 8th popularly elected municipal relief design is used in three types: basic (calligraphy type), utilization type, and frame type.

Meanwhile, the 5th Hwaseong City Civil Election slogan was set with the goal of building a welfare city that is not marginalized through ‘Welfare Hwaseong for Sharing Happiness’. The municipal slogan of the 6th popular election is ‘People first, Mars’. It contains the meaning of creating a livable Mars. It is a pledge to be wary of all-round development and to create a city where all citizens are happy. The 7th popular election is ‘Pleasant Change, Happy Hwaseong’. It contains a promise with the citizens to promote a city where common sense and principles work through decentralization of local autonomy.

The design of the municipal slogan began to be produced from the 6th public election, and was subdivided into ‘calligraphy type’ and ‘frame type’ for the 7th popular election. The 8th popularly elected ‘Hwaseong of Hope that Changes My Life’ places ‘balance, opportunity, and innovation’ as its core values, respecting the life that citizens want, and advocating for a city that cooperates with citizens for a better life than the present.

Addendum | This article was also published in the Hwaseong Citizens’ Daily.

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