Russia begins referendum on annexation of occupied territories in Ukraine Crimea reenactment

Russia begins referendum on annexation of occupied territories in Ukraine Crimea reenactment


A referendum for annexation of the mainland begins today (23rd) in Russian-occupied areas in Ukraine amid the declaration of mobilization by Russian President Putin.

As with Crimea eight years ago, Russia is expected to push for annexation regardless of the international community’s condemnation and Ukraine’s backlash.

This is reporter Han Mi-hee.


The referendum on the annexation of Russian-occupied territories in Ukraine will be held for five days from today.

There are four provinces: eastern Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts called the Donbass region, and southern Zaporiza and Kherson oblasts, which were occupied after the invasion.

The original referendum was expected to be held in November, but as Ukraine’s retake offensive intensified, it was moved forward.

“This means that starting next week, we will consider the region part of Russia and claim Ukraine’s attempts to reclaim it as an invasion of its own.”

Russia annexed Crimea in a similar way in 2014.

According to the Constitution of Ukraine, a referendum on territorial change should be conducted for all residents, but only residents of Crimea, who were pro-Russian at the time.

The result was overwhelmingly in favor with nearly 97% of the vote, and the annexation work was completed in just 20 days, using the Russian military that was deployed to the Crimea before and after the vote.

Not only Ukraine, but also the West, including the United States and Europe, are pouring out criticism.

“All members of the United Nations must reject this fake vote and make it clear that all Ukrainian territories are and will always be part of Ukraine.”

As the Exodus continues in Russia, where the victims are fleeing abroad in a row right after the mobilization order, Germany and the European Union have announced that they can apply for asylum.

In response to Russia’s mobilization order, the European Union also agreed to the eighth sanctions against Russia, including a ceiling on the price of Russian oil and additional export controls on private high-tech technologies.

This is Yonhap News Agency Han Mi-hee.

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