President Yoon emphasizes “freedom” even when meeting Canadian compatriots

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 President Yun Seok-yeol and First Lady Kim Kun-hee salute the national flag during a dinner for Koreans held at a hotel in Toronto, Canada on the 22nd (local time).

President Yun Seok-yeol and First Lady Kim Kun-hee salute the national flag during a dinner for Koreans held at a hotel in Toronto, Canada on the 22nd (local time).
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President Yoon Seok-yeol, who is visiting Canada for the first time since taking office, met Korean compatriots in Toronto on the 22nd (local time) and said, “Our Republic of Korea has been proudly positioned as a major member of the international community, “I will do my best as president so that our compatriots can feel pride and pride,” he said.

President Yoon said, “I attended the United Nations General Assembly for the first time since taking office and visited Canada,” said President Yoon in a greeting prepared in advance at a Korean compatriots meeting held at the Park Hyatt Grand Ballroom in Toronto at 7 pm on the same day. His wife, Kun-hee Kim, also attended the event. Ms. Kim was dressed in a hanbok with a white jeogori and a purple skirt, and held a white clutch in her hand. She had a parched ponytail, and she pinned a white leaf-shaped pin.

Earlier, on the 20th, President Yoon met his compatriots in New York and gave a greeting emphasizing the meaning of ‘freedom’ and ‘solidarity’ (Related articles: President Yoon emphasizes “freedom” even when meeting Koreans in New York ).

First of all, President Yoon mentioned the special history of Korea and Canada in the past. He said, “A century ago, meaningful Canadian pastors came to Korea, a foreign country in Asia.

He also emphasized ‘freedom’ once again, saying, “When the Korean War broke out, Canada dispatched the second largest number of young men after the United States and Britain.” “I would also like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the people of Canada who have reached out to the people of Canada for their solidarity in protecting our freedom.”

The current relationship between Korea and Canada was also introduced. President Yoon said, “This precious relationship has continued to this day, and the two countries are moving closer to each other. Cooperation in the industrial sector is also intensifying,” he said.

In addition, President Yoon said, “I recently attended the University of Toronto’s AI-related cooperation project between Korea and Canada.” In relation to this, President Yoon visited the University of Toronto on the same day and had a conversation with AI scholars such as Professor Jeffrey Hinton and exchanged opinions on desirable development plans for artificial intelligence technology.

“The 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties, we will create a higher level relationship”

It also delivered a message to the Korean community. President Yoon promised, “People-to-people exchanges, which had temporarily stalled due to the corona virus, are also recovering to the previous level.”

He continued, “This is where the history of immigration to Canada began. The Toronto Korean community, which started with about 100 people in the 1960s, has now grown to 120,000.” and the next generation are actively advancing into Canada’s mainstream society,” he explained.

He also said, “The declaration of October 3 as Korean Day is also a result of recognition of the contributions of our compatriots who have contributed to the local society. Thank you again,” he encouraged.

In addition, President Yoon said, “Not long ago, a shocking and heartbreaking incident occurred in which a Korean police officer, who had dedicated himself to the safety of Toronto citizens, was shot and killed. I will tell you,” he said.

Regarding the celebration of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Canada next year, he said, “The two countries will open up a new 60 years and create a higher level of relationship. I’ll do it,” he promised again. To this end, he urged Koreans, “I ask that you, as well as your compatriots, remain united as you are now for the development of the Korean society in your home country and overseas.”

Finally, President Yoon concluded his greetings by saying, “Once again, I would like to thank everyone for attending this event, and I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who warmly welcomed my husband and I.”

The event included Toronto Korean Association President Kim Jeong-hee, Korean Association of Korean Educators Koh Kyung-rok, Karen Lee Korean Police Officer, Lee Chi-geun, Canadian Korean Professors Association President, Kim Ha-na, Toronto University East Asian Library Director Jeong Yu-dong, Ontario Korean Business Association President Chae Hyeon-joo, Ontario Korean Business Association President Park Tae-joon, etc. attended this

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