Ministry of Unification “Concerns that some groups continue to spread flyers to North Korea … urges restraint”

Ahead of North Korean Human Rights Week on the 25th, while some groups foretold the distribution of leaflets to North Korea, the Ministry of Unification requested on the 23rd to refrain from distributing leaflets.

Deputy spokesperson for the Ministry of Unification, Lee Hyo-jeong, said in a regular briefing on the morning of the same day, “The government is concerned about the situation in which some groups continue to distribute leaflets, etc. to North Korea despite repeated requests for restraint by the government. “he said.

Deputy Spokesperson Lee also said, “I emphasize once again that North Korea is shifting the responsibility for the spread of Corona to the North Korean flyer, which has no scientific basis and is not at all true.”

“It is very inappropriate and regrettable for North Korea to mention distortions of facts and retaliatory measures against our people,” he said. .

When asked if the request to refrain from distributing leaflets to North Korea was different from that of Unification Minister Kwon Young-se, who had emphasized freedom of expression, Lee said, “I urge the government to refrain from distributing leaflets, etc., considering the sensitive inter-Korean relations. We have been continuously making requests to private organizations,” he explained.

“The government has a top priority to protect the lives and safety of our people,” Lee said.

The Ministry of Unification’s statement on the North Korean flyer on that day is interpreted as a situation management measure for North Korea’s declaration of ‘retaliatory measures’ against South Korea, claiming that the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) was introduced through the distribution of North Korean flyers.

Kim Yeo-jeong, deputy director of the Workers’ Party of Korea, previously mentioned ‘retaliatory measures’ at the national emergency quarantine meeting held on August 10, saying that Corona 19 was introduced through flyers or goods from North Korea.

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