LG CNS ‘Speaking Class’, 71 volumes of elementary, middle and high school English textbook contents are loaded

Seoul–(Korea Newswire) September 23, 2022 — LG CNS, a DX company, announced that it has loaded 71 elementary, middle, and high school English textbooks into ‘Speaking Class’. Through this, tens of thousands of English sentences in English textbooks can be learned with AI with one app.

LG CNS will participate in the ‘2022 Edutech Korea Fair’ held at COEX until September 24 and operate a speaking class experience booth. If you visit the booth, you can experience various AI English learning apps of LG CNS, such as speaking classes and multilingual AI tutors.

Speaking Class is an AI English conversation learning app developed by LG CNS. You can study AI and English anytime, anywhere through your smartphone. Speaking class utilizes AI technology to maximize learning efficiency. The AI ​​measures the learning level on a 5-step scale by analyzing the student’s English pronunciation, speech speed, and similarity of answers. Students can train to increase their accuracy by comparing their own answers with the model answers.

The strength of the speaking class is that teachers can create their own English learning content. Most of the existing English education apps are configured so that only given content can be learned. LG CNS supports a site for making speaking classes for teachers. When a teacher enters an English dialogue, AI automatically processes it into English learning content and reflects it in the Speaking Class app.

For example, if you enter the sentence ‘K-POP is all the rage these days’ on the speaking class production site, the AI ​​will say ‘Tell me K-pop is trendy these days’, ‘K-POP is ( ) These days, please tell me the expression to fill in the blanks. In addition to one correct answer, AI recommends similar answers such as ‘all the cry’ and ‘very popular’ so that you can learn various expressions.

In the speaking class, 71 elementary, middle, and high school English textbooks were loaded. To this end, LG CNS signed content partnership agreements with a total of seven publishers, including Genius Education, Dong-A Publishing, NE EYEONG, Daekyo, Emergency Education, YBM, and Mirae N. Among the 105 English textbooks with which it has partnered, 71 books that allow conversational learning have been selected, excluding textbooks centered on reading comprehension and grammar.

◇ Free speaking class provided to 11 cities and provincial offices of education nationwide

LG CNS provides free speaking classes to 11 metropolitan and provincial offices of education across the country. Starting with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education in June of last year, the Busan Metropolitan Office of Education and the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Office of Education signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) sequentially for ‘artificial intelligence-based foreign language conversation education service cooperation’.

Teachers can use the English textbook service free of charge if they sign up for the speaking class membership by using the official email address or the education office email address. Students can use it by entering the class code the teacher has or when the teacher registers as an English textbook service student in the Speaking Class app.

LG CNS also acquired the English education certification of the Korean Association for English Education (KATE) as an AI tutor app service. It is the first case in Korea that an AI-based English education program has received KATE certification.

◇ LG CNS contributing to society with DX… IT education for 14,000 students

LG CNS is conducting various social contribution activities utilizing its DX capabilities. By implementing ‘AI Genius’, a DX social contribution program for youth, IT education opportunities have been provided to 14,000 students in 134 schools so far. It is also contributing to the development of the domestic software market by releasing the coding-free program development platform ‘Devon NCD’ for free to the outside world. In 2019, the Korean standard data ‘Coquad 2.0’, which is a textbook for making AI models, was released free of charge.

Vice President Shin-kyun Hyun of LG CNS’s D&A business unit emphasized, “We will use our DX capabilities to bridge the educational gap through AI-tailored learning and contribute to introducing digital innovation to the public education market.”

Website: http://www.lgcns.com

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