Lee Jae-myung “Severe local alienation, the speed of the mega city in Chungcheong area”

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On the 23rd, the Democratic Party of Korea held the ‘Daejeon and Sejong City Party Budget Policy Council’ in the meeting room of the party representatives of the National Assembly.
ⓒ Democratic Party Daejeon City Hall

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Lee Jae-myung, chairman of the Democratic Party of Korea, said that the problems of concentration in the metropolitan area and local alienation are serious, and that in order to overcome these problems, the promotion of mega-city in the Chungcheong area must be accelerated.

The Democratic Party of Korea held a ‘Daejeon and Sejong City Party Budget Policy Council’ in the meeting room of the party representatives of the National Assembly on the 23rd to discuss regional issues such as securing a budget for next year’s major issues, relocating public institutions, and promoting the mega-city in Chungcheong Province, and to strive for regional development. .

Representative Lee, who gave his greeting on the day, said, “Korea’s most serious problem is the problem of local annihilation, the problem of local alienation due to the one-pole system in the metropolitan area. The Chungcheong region also faces the same problem.”

He continued, “As a way to overcome this, I would like to be able to speed up the promotion of the ‘Chungcheong mega-city’ in the Chungcheong area, but the current government does not seem to have a strong will, so it is a pity.”

“Even the Democratic Party will step forward and make an opportunity to take good care of the budget and policies for the development of the Chungcheong region, including the ‘Chungcheong region megacity’, and we will try to make it an opportunity to be selected again by local residents through practical results.”

In addition, floor leader Park Hong-geun said, “The Yoon Seok-yeol administration is not considering balanced development and the people’s livelihood budget in next year’s budget, while reducing taxes by 60 trillion won for the next five years. We will properly take care of the budget for balanced development by preventing the super-rich tax cut,” he said.

In addition, “The Democratic Party will do its best to secure the budget necessary for the development of Daejeon and Sejong. Through this, we will strive to restore Daejeon’s reputation as a city of culture and art.”

Regarding the Sejong City’s pending issues, Park said, “Big projects for the completion of the administrative capital, such as the Sejong Shrine and the second office of the President, are still pending. Last year, when we were the ruling party, we As such, we will do our best to secure additional related budgets.”

Lastly, Won-sik Woo, chairman of the budget and settlement committee, said, “The regional budget is important because it contains the will for balanced national development.” He promised that he would do his best to secure the budget for Daejeon, saying that major budgets such as construction are missing or only partially reflected.

In response, Hwang Un-ha, chairman of the Daejeon City Party, said, “Daejeon has pride in leading the economic growth of the Republic of Korea centered on the Daedeok Special District. It must be done quickly,” he said, urging the Central Party to pay special attention and support.

Meanwhile, at the Budget Policy Council on the same day, Party leaders such as Lee Jae-myung, floor leader Park Hong-geun, secretary-general Jo Jung-shik, policy chairperson Kim Seong-hwan, good local government chairperson Yang Seung-jo, and pre-registration chairperson Woo Won-sik, and Hwang Un-ha Daejeon City Party, Jang Cheol-min (Dong-gu), Park Byeong-seok (Seo-gu-eul), Representatives Seung-Rae Jo (Seong-Gap Yoo), Sang-Min Lee (Sung-Yoo Yoo), and Young-Soon Park (Daedeok) attended and discussed local issues such as tram construction and the complex development project for the Daejeon yard site and securing the budget for state-owned projects suggested by the city of Daejeon.

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