Korea Fintech Support Center discusses strengthening fintech cooperation with Vietnam Fintech Research Center

Seoul–(Korea Newswire) September 23, 2022 — Recently, along with the alleviation of COVID-19, visits to the Korea Fintech Support Center, which support innovation and growth of the Korean Fintech industry, are actively being made around the world.

The Korea Fintech Support Center (Chairman Byun Young-han) is a fintech research group in Vietnam with 11 members, including Tran Van (Tran Van), a visiting group who served as vice chairman of the Finance and Budget Committee of the National Assembly of Vietnam, officials of the Central Bank of Vietnam (SBV), and officials of MOMO, a Vietnamese fintech unicorn company. It was announced on the 22nd that it had visited the Korea Fintech Support Center.

The Vietnam Fintech Research Center was promoted by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Vietnam and the Financial Supervisory Service Hanoi office to strengthen fintech cooperation between Korea and Vietnam.

At this event, various discussions were held, such as sharing experiences on major fintech-related policies promoted by the Korean government, such as the financial regulatory sandbox, open banking, and my data industry, along with the current status of the Korean fintech industry.

Byun Young-han, president of the Korea Fintech Support Center, said, “We will continue to strengthen mutual cooperation in the Fintech sector with Vietnam, an important country in the New Southern region.”

Overview of Korea Fintech Support Center

The Korea Fintech Support Center, established in 2015 to improve the strict regulatory environment and conservative financial practices for IT technology, provides support and cooperation for fintech companies and the financial sector to discuss and cooperate together with drastic regulatory improvement measures. set up as a sheet. Financial experts provide advice and mentoring for the somewhat unstable profit model of fintech companies, helping to create a more complete profit model. Through the revitalization of fintech, various support projects are being carried out with the goal of creating an innovative financial ecosystem, enhancing financial consumer convenience, and contributing to the development of the financial industry.

Website: http://fintech.or.kr

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