Ibrix participates in the Korea Academic Information Council conference

Seongnam–(Newswire) September 23, 2022 — AIbrix (CEO Chae Jong-hyun), a company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI)-based language processing, hosted the 20th regular general meeting of the National Assembly Library and hosted by the Korea Academic Information Council. and participated in the conference from September 22 to 23. The regular general meeting and conference, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, received great attention from visitors as it was held as an offline event in Busan for the first time in three years.

At this conference, held under the slogan ‘Library, Beyond Streets and Spaces’, ibrix introduced a chatbot service and text analysis platform that combines artificial intelligence and libraries, providing an opportunity for many visitors to demonstrate the service.

The chatbot service introduced by ibrix is ​​a natural language-based conversational AI chatbot that guides various information related to the library, such as book recommendations, book loan status, library guidance, and inquiries, and is differentiated from simple scenario-based chatbots. It supports real-time communication with customers and, above all, has the advantage of being able to use the chatbot right away as it allows anyone to easily build knowledge without customizing it. During the conference, many visitors actually used the library chatbot installed in the booth, and consulting was conducted to introduce a chatbot suitable for customers.

The text analysis platform provides a no-code-based analysis environment to discover insights from various academic information (thesis, journal, etc.). Unlike the existing analysis environment, which required developers’ coding, the design based on usability provides an interface that allows you to easily generate the desired analysis results without coding, so you can utilize the data analysis area that only developers could access in a short period of time in the field of business. By implementing it in such a way, it drew the attention of the visitors.

A marketing manager at ibrix said, “As the participants in this conference were academic information officers, we provide an opportunity to directly use the services needed in practice at the booth, and provide direct and indirect solutions to the inquiries of visitors. “ibrix will continue to work hard to solidify its position as an artificial intelligence company by expanding business opportunities by considering the needs of customers together and finding ways to do it,” he said. said.

ibrix overview

Ibrix is ​​a Korean language processing company established in 2016. It is conducting various businesses such as △hybrid chatbot, △cloud environment-based search, △real-time customized content recommendation based on user behavior, and △analyzing unstructured data using text analytics.

ibrix naver blog: https://blog.naver.com/i-bricks_inc

Website: http://www.i-bricks.co.kr

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