Gyeongnam Provincial Assemblyman, “Is the Special Coalition for the Gyeonggi-do of Busan any real benefit?”

People’s Power Gyeongnam-do lawmakers held a press conference in the briefing room of the Gyeongnam Provincial Assembly on the 23rd and asked, “Is there any benefit to the 3.4 million residents of the Special Coalition for the Gyeongsangbuk-do Province?”

Gyeongnam Provincial Governor Park Wan-soo said, “The Special Coalition for Gyeonggi-do is of no benefit.” Amid the controversy over ‘Administrative Integration of the Gyeonggi-do’

They said, “Ultra-wide cooperation in the metropolitan area is absolutely necessary for future generations” did.

Regarding the ‘provisions to establish a special coalition in Busan,’ which was dealt with in February, lawmakers from Gyeongsangnam-do, the People’s Power, said, “We strongly opposed the hasty promotion.” The result of enforcing the resolution is the current Special Coalition for the Seoul Metropolitan Government, which is an incomplete organization of Ok Sang-ok.”

“As a result, when it was launched, it seemed like it would bring only huge administrative costs, such as an astronomical budget of more than 15 billion won and a manpower requirement of about 140 people, without any realization, let alone administrative and financial authority, as we had feared. It is full of regret for forcing the

They said, “The issue of what benefit our Gyeongnam will have with the launch of the Special Coalition for Gyeongsangbuk-do, which was decided in haste, is a serious issue that will depend on the fate of Gyeongnam for 100 years in the future. do,” he said.

They also said, “If the local people want, it is women’s administration to correct what is wrong and go on a better path. The Gyeongnam Provincial Assembly also needs time to understand and discuss policies such as administrative integration and the reality of the Busan Metropolitan Police Special Coalition.”

The power of the people Gyeongnam-do lawmakers said, “It means that the Booulgyeong should become another axis of balanced development in the localization era by realizing economies of scale, solving the problem of saturation in the metropolitan area, and focusing on the integrated Booulgyeong as the main body that will lead the future of the Republic of Korea.”

They also said, “If necessary, we will meet the expectations of the residents by preparing a rational alternative and deeper deliberation for the reform of the ‘ultra-wide local government’, including the formation of a separate organization.”

There are 64 members of the Gyeongnam Provincial Assembly, and if you look at the party distribution, the People’s Power has 60 members and the Democratic Party has 4 members.

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