AhnLab’s integrated security strategy conference ‘AhnLab ISF 2022’ successfully ended

Seoul–(Korea Newswire) September 23, 2022 — AhnLab (CEO Kang Seok-gyun) held an integrated security strategy conference with the theme of ‘Secure Cloud, Resilient Transformation’ at the Grand InterContinental Hotel on the 22nd. It was announced on the 23rd that ‘AhnLab ISF 2022’ was successfully completed.

At this event, held offline again after 3 years, AhnLab held a keynote session followed by a greeting from CEO Kang Seok-gyun, Lee Ok-yeon, president of the Korean Information Security Association, AhnLab Jeon Seong-hak, and Ahnlab Marketing Director Lee Sang-guk △ AhnLab and its subsidiaries and customers A total of 15 sessions were prepared, including presentation sessions where security experts share security trends, technologies, and cases.

In this session, AhnLab presented a strategy for implementing ‘TDR Best Practices (Threat Detection & Response Best Practice)’ that effectively detects and responds to threats based on ‘integration’ in a rapidly changing digital environment.

In his greetings, CEO Kang Seok-gyun of AhnLab said, “As the only integrated security vendor in Korea, AhnLab has been emphasizing the value of integration from the past. We will do our best to successfully realize (Threat Detection & Response) best practices.”

In the keynote session, Ok-yeon Lee, president of the Korean Society for Information Security (Professor, Department of Information Security Cryptography, Kookmin University), under the theme of ‘Change in security paradigm and suggestion of keywords for future security’, the security industry is developing amid the emergence of new technological environments such as quantum computing, 6G, and drones. suggested the direction to go.

Then, Professor Seonghak Jeon of AhnLab introduced the latest trends in security such as cloud native, XDR (eXtended Detection & Response), and ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) under the theme of ‘The future of IT, the future of security’.

Lee Sang-guk, head of marketing division of AhnLab, said ‘3C (Consolidation, CSMA)[1]·CNAPP[2]), an integrated security strategy to understand’, introduced AhnLab’s security architecture and an integrated security strategy that can be quickly implemented.

The presentation session that followed was divided into three tracks: △Security Intelligence, △Security Response, and △Security Perspective. In the presentation session, security experts from AhnLab and subsidiaries and customers took part and shared various security trends and directions of AhnLab, from threat response plans and cases using AhnLab EDR to new security areas such as cloud security, XDR and Zero Trust.

In addition, at the exhibition booth, subsidiaries and investment companies such as AhnLab, Jason, Naonworks, and AhnLab Blockchain Company demonstrated major solutions and services, and provided customized consultations to customers, which was well received by customers.

[1] CSMA (Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture) refers to a flexible architecture that integrates a variety of distributed and individual security solutions and services.
[2] CNAPP (Cloud Native Application Protection Platform) refers to a platform that integrates functions for protecting cloud native applications such as CWPP (Cloud Workload Protection Platform) and CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management).

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