Nexine Launches Revenue Management Solution to Strengthen CSP Potential and Drive Revenue Generation

SAINT PETERSBURG, RUSSIA–(Business Wire / Korea Newswire) September 21, 2022 — Nexign, a global provider of business support systems (BSS) and digitization solutions, goes beyond connectivity to create new revenue-generating models and Launched a new cloud-native solution that provides communication service providers (CSPs) with unlimited flexibility to leverage their services.

The Nexign Revenue Management solution provides a single convergence platform for telecom service providers to integrate diverse revenue streams and manage the entire revenue generation process for all industries. These solutions help optimize business processes and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), as well as drive revenue growth and improve the payment experience for customers. It also helps to monetize 5G by ensuring operational flexibility that is not constrained by vendors or technologies.

Natalia Komleva, CEO of Nexain said, “For CSPs to actively expand their product portfolios, explore new lines of business and bring innovative products to market quickly, we need to create a modern and flexible revenue stream that meets the needs of a dynamic market. you need a system We are launching solutions to reduce complexity, balance all revenue streams, and ensure a unified user experience across all industries to solve problems as optimizing efficiency and reducing operating costs become hot topics. The Nexine revenue management solution gives CSPs infinite flexibility to develop advanced products, accelerate time to market for new products, and monetize existing and future services in an increasingly complex environment.”

The Nexine Revenue Management Program represents a flexible and scalable cloud-native solution based on a microservices architecture. The solution oversees the entire revenue management process, from billing and charge management to payment and collection management, and can operate with any telecom service, digital subscription or third-party product and bundle.

Nexaine revenue management solution includes integrated billing, extensive rate management, network exposure, advanced 4G and 5G network monetization and network analysis capabilities. It natively supports the convergence of B2B and B2C businesses, prepaid and postpaid payment models, fixed, broadband and mobile networks, and easily integrates with any digital layer and other systems in the operator’s BSS environment. It can also collaborate with up to 100 million subscribers and process 100,000 transactions per second. It is designed to 3GPP, ETSI and TM Forum industry standards, and integrates into the BSS environment through TM Forum certified open APIs.

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About Nexign

Nexine has been supporting the digital transformation of businesses around the world in the marketplace for over 30 years. The company provides converged BSS systems for telecom operators and advanced solutions designed to improve employee experience management and revitalize the digital ecosystem. We are committed to strengthening our partnerships with our customers by providing innovative products based on our extensive expertise in IT and telecommunications and cutting-edge technologies. For more information, visit the website ( Reference.

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