Standard Makers “App tech service Duduk, more than 85% of download members are MZ generation”

Seoul–(Korea Newswire) September 19, 2022 — Standard Makers announced on the 19th that 85% of the members who downloaded the All-in-one App Tech Service Duduk, which was launched in June, were from the MZ generation.

Duduk is a new app tech application released by Standard Makers, and Standard Makers did not carry out any marketing or publicity activities after its release, but it has been well received by users for its neat design and easy use, and the download amount of the MZ generation has increased. evaluated.

A person in charge of Duduk said, “Since launch, the number of downloads has increased more than expected every month.”

The main services provided by Dooduk consist of contents such as pedometer to earn money, which are provided by many existing app tech companies, to achieve missions and receive rewards, to receive rewards for news reports, and to click and receive rewards.

The person in charge of Duduk said, “Duduk puts various types of reward contents in one application, so you can obtain rewards faster and more easily than before. ” he emphasized.

Standard Makers announced that in the future, they plan to expand the rewards usage ecosystem that can utilize the Douduk Rewards.

Due to the long-term economic recession that started after COVID-19, the trend of ‘Yolo (You Only Live Once)’ prevalent in the existing society has changed to the trend of ‘Jan-Tech (Jan-Dol-i + Jae-Tech)’. In this process, Duduk advocates an all-in-one app tech that captures both the acquisition and use of rewards.

Meanwhile, the Duduk application can be downloaded and installed from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Standard Makers Overview

Standard Makers is a startup founded in October 2021 and is operating an app-tech service called ‘Duduk’. We are striving to create an ecosystem that can grow by using the rewards of ‘Duduk’, and our goal is to launch the Douduk service in major Southeast Asian countries in the future to develop into a cross-border marketing platform that can acquire and use cross-border rewards.

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