DUZON BIZON Expands to Cloud Service Medical Area

Seoul–(Korea Newswire) September 15, 2022 — Duzon Bizon (CEO Kim Yong-woo) expands its expertise in the business cloud service field to the medical big data market. It is an aspiration to actively utilize corporate big data, AI, and platform capabilities to apply it to hospitals and medical fields, and further challenge data-based medical innovation.

The ‘Medical Big Data Platform’, a cloud-based medical ecosystem innovation case of DUZON BIZON, was introduced at the ‘Korea 4th Industrial Revolution Festival 2022’ held at COEX on the 15th. The event was attended by Lee Jong-ho, Minister of Science, Technology and Information and Communication, Lee Young, Minister of SMEs and Startups, and Gojin, Chairman of the Digital Platform Government Committee, where leading ICT companies leading the digital transformation presented best practices and the latest technologies.

DUZON BIZON introduced data-based medical innovation cases and solutions through exhibitions and lectures at this event. First, at the ‘Future Tech Conference’ and ‘SaaS Summit’ prepared by DUZON BIZON’s platform business division CEO Ho-Chul Song as side events, ‘Cloud, changing the medical ecosystem’ and ‘Corporate innovation and healthcare beyond big data platform through SaaS’, respectively. gave a lecture on the subject.

In addition, it received great attention from the field by announcing the new business strategy of DUZON BIZON, which is expanding into the medical big data ecosystem through the operation of the exhibition booth. It is evaluated that it presented a blueprint by introducing innovative cases and actual solutions to expand the advanced corporate ICT capabilities based on the corporate business platform to the precision medical big data platform and next-generation hospital information system.

The precision medical big data platform, which is being promoted by Samsung Seoul Hospital, etc., collects hospital research medical data in an integrated way and supports data-based medical research innovation through this, and collects and transforms medical data by creating a cloud-based medical ecosystem It can be linked and utilized to maximize the achievement of data utilization goals. It can solve problems such as insufficient standardization of systems between hospitals, legal and institutional limitations, and data import/export problems, and bring innovation based on medical data. By using standardized hospital data in the medical ecosystem, patient-centered medical service support is possible, and patient safety can be prioritized, as well as rare incurable diseases and customized preemptive medical services.

A cloud-based ‘next-generation hospital information system (HIS)’ was also introduced. It is to implement AI medical welfare service through standardized medical data for precision medicine. By standardizing this, it is expected that it will be possible to realize patient-centered customized precision medical services.

Ho-cheol Song, CEO of DUZON BIZON’s platform business division, said, “In line with the direction of the digital platform government, we will spare no effort to build a foundation for people to enjoy medical welfare services through AI and big data for a healthy life.” “Hospital “We will establish ourselves as a leading company in the medical big data market through cloud computing of cloud computing, innovation of care in the patient journey, data-based innovation, business innovation of hospitals, creation of a medical ecosystem, and patient-centered care,” he said.

Meanwhile, DUZON BIZON received the President’s Award from the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency in recognition of its ICT capabilities through ‘NAHAGO’, an office worker app, at the 4th Industrial Revolution Grand Prize ceremony held along with this event.

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