Squid Game: 6 Emmy Awards, including Best Director and Best Actor… First non-English speaking award

Squid Game: 6 Emmy Awards, including Best Director and Best Actor… First non-English speaking award


The Korean drama ‘Squid Game’ won Best Director and Best Actor at the Emmy Awards, the most prestigious awards in the American broadcasting industry.

Up to the award given to the production team earlier, it was honored with a total of 6 awards, surpassing the record of being the first non-English speaking film to win an Emmy.

Correspondent Lee Kyung-hee from Los Angeles.


The potential of Squid Game, which made Netflix viewers all over the world enthusiastic last year, was also confirmed at the Emmy Awards ceremony, which is called the Oscars of the broadcasting industry.

The first to be called was the Director’s Award.

The three directors of Succession, who won Best Picture, won the trophy, beating out rivals such as Mark Mirod, Kathy Yan, and Lauren Scarfaria.

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk, who went on stage with his fists clenched, showed confidence that he hoped this award would not be his last Emmy. He also foretold season 2 of Squid Games.

“It’s not just me, we made history together. I hope this won’t be the last time I’ve won a non-English series. And I hope this won’t be my last Emmy. I’ll be back with season 2.”

Actor Lee Jung-jae, who plays the main character, Sung Ki-hoon, also won the Best Actor Award, beating out prominent nominees such as Jeremy Strong in Succession and Jason Bateman in Ozark.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it swept the leading actor awards at major awards ceremonies, following the Actors Guild of America Award, Spirit Awards, and Critics’ Choice.

It is not only the first award for a Korean actor, but it is also the first time that an Asian male actor has been nominated for the Best Supporting Actor award.

The actor, who went on stage with a big smile, said thanks in Korean as well as English.

“I would like to thank Director Hwang for creatively transferring the realistic problems we face to the screen with a solid script and wonderful direction. And we will share the joy with friends, family, and precious fans who will be watching in Korea.”

At the Creative Arts Emmy Awards held earlier on the 4th, Squid Game already won awards in 4 categories including guest awards and visual effects, and two awards were added in major categories.

In the meantime, breaking the practice of awarding awards only for dramas produced in English, the Emmy Awards went beyond being nominated and won 6 awards.

Squid Game was also nominated for Best Actor and Supporting Actress, but did not win the awards.

The Best Picture Award went to Succession, who was considered a strong competitor.

Following Korean movies, Korean dramas also broke the high language barrier and swept the American mainstream awards ceremony, making K content stand at the center of the world in name and reality.

This is Kyunghee Lee from Yonhap News TV in Los Angeles.

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