The squid game that writes a new history at the Emmy… First non-English speaking film nominee

The squid game that writes a new history at the Emmy… First non-English speaking film nominee


The Netflix Korean drama ‘Squid Game’ challenges the best picture at the Emmy Awards, the highest prestigious award in the American broadcasting industry.

If you win, you will set a record as the first non-English speaker to win the award.

Shortly after, a correspondent is in Los Angeles, where the awards ceremony will be held.

Correspondent Lee Kyung-hee.


Yes. Shortly thereafter, the 74th Annual Emmy Awards will be held here at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

The Emmy Award is a prestigious award called the Oscars of the American broadcasting industry.

The Korean drama ‘Squid Game’, which caused an overwhelming box office hit in the world last year, was nominated in six categories, including Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress.

‘Squid Game’ is the first work to be nominated for an Emmy Award, breaking the practice of awarding awards only to dramas produced in English.

This alone is meaningful, but it has already set the record of being the first non-English speaker to win 4 awards at the Creative Arts Primetime Emmy Awards, which are given to the technical staff and staff.

Here, in the major fields for actors and directors whose results will be announced today, I will write a great record of being the first non-English speaker and the first Korean actor.

In particular, winning the Best Picture Award, which is the highest honor, is very meaningful in that K-Drama will take the top spot, beating out its rivals in the US mainland.

However, the competitors are not formidable.

Seven works are competing fiercely, including ‘Succession’, ‘Euphoria’ and ‘Better Call Saul’, as well as ‘Succession’, which beat the Squid Game and swept the Best Picture at the Golden Globe Critics’ Choice held earlier.


In addition to Best Picture, you are also looking forward to other awards such as Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor?


Yes. Actor Lee Jung-jae, who plays the main character Sung Ki-hoon, was nominated for Best Actor, Oh Young-soo and Park Hae-soo were nominated for Best Supporting Actor, and Jeong Ho-yeon was nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

If there is a winner among them, it will be the first time for a Korean actor, but it will also set a record for being the first in Joo Asia.

In particular, in the case of Best Actor and Supporting Actor, it is attracting more attention because it is the first time that an Asian actor has been nominated.

Actor Lee Jung-jae, who previously won Best Actor at the Actors Guild of America Awards, Spirit Awards, and Critics’ Choice Awards, is also observed as the most likely candidate this time, and was also selected as the No.

In addition, Oh Young-soo, who received the Best Supporting Actor award at the Golden Globe Awards, is also highly regarded for receiving the Emmy Award among local media such as Hollywood Report.

Following the previous actress Lee Yoo-mi, who overcame prominent candidates and lifted the Female Guest Award trophy, attention is focused on whether the first Korean actress to win the Best Supporting Actor or Leading Award will be born.

This is from Los Angeles, the home of the Emmy Awards so far.

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