Seagate Launches Next Generation ‘Exos X’ Storage Array with Double Performance and Self-healing Features

CA–(Korea Newswire) September 08, 2022 — Seagate Technology Holdings plc, a global leader in mass storage infrastructure solutions, has announced the launch of the next-generation ‘Exos’, an advanced storage array featuring Seagate’s 6th generation controller architecture. ® X (Exos® X)’ was announced on the 8th.

The new Exos X system supports twice the performance and increased durability compared to the previous generation. Seagate has also integrated the Exos X system’s Advanced Distributed Autonomic Protection Technology (ADAPT) next-generation coding technology with Seagate’s innovative Autonomous Drive Regeneration (ADR) technology to protect stored data.

The Exos X Series is a family of petabyte-scale, rack-mount block storage enclosures that integrate and virtualize dozens to hundreds of hard drives and SSDs for maximum data resiliency, availability and performance. The Exos X system is an ideal solution for high-availability enterprise storage infrastructures such as private clouds as well as traditional enterprise data centers.

The Exos X storage array is equipped with Seagate’s ADAPT erasure encoding solution, which minimizes overhead due to data duplication and shortens recovery time through rapid system rebuild. The combination of ADAPT and ADR also enables continuous drive monitoring, diagnostics, and automatic rebuilding in place without manual replacement. This allows data centers to reduce physical drive handling, human intervention, and e-waste.

The new VelosCT™ controller mounted on the storage array supports performance of up to 725,000 IOPS (I/Os per second), maximum sequential read speed of 12 GB/s, and maximum sequential write speed of 10 GB/s at 1 ms latency. In data center environments that require high workloads and always-on operations, users can benefit from hyperscale-class efficiency, simple and seamless adoption, and simplified data management.

Ken Claffey, Senior Vice President, Systems Division, Seagate said, “By leveraging Seagate’s unique vertically integrated business from controller design and manufacturing to service, we are able to bring new levels of innovation and value to the enterprise storage systems market.” “Using a new controller designed and built by Seagate, the new Exos X system delivers new levels of RAID array availability, reliability and performance, achieving even higher efficiency while significantly reducing management burden.” “The Exos X system will help our data center customers build their future data management strategies,” he added.

“We are excited to introduce Seagate’s new RAID controller that provides a high-performance and cost-effective system solution,” said Dorin Vanderjack, Intel’s Vice President and General Manager of U.S. OEM and Strategic Sales. The combination of the Intel Xeon Processor and Seagate’s advanced ASIC-based architecture improves our customers’ total cost of ownership and enables the drive to realize greater business value from hardware and data.”

The Exos X system also supports Redfish and Swordfish open standard management protocols.

Seagate’s Exos X 2U12, 2U24 and high-density enclosure 5U84 are all available worldwide through proven Seagate resellers, along with the new VelosCT ASIC controller. More details can be found on Seagate’s all-flash, hybrid and disk pages.

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Seagate’s all-flash, hybrid and disk pages:


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