President Yoon “The visit to the affected area is not over, keep checking”

On the 8th, President Yoon Seok-yeol said about the support measures for areas severely damaged by Typhoon Hinnamno. "It did not end with a site visit yesterday (the 7th)"saying "Please continue to check the wishes of the residents and the local community, and think about support plans with the determination to stay by your side until they say it is okay to stop."he instructed

Lee Jae-myung, deputy spokesperson for the presidential office, said in a written briefing on the afternoon that the order was made at a meeting of the president’s office presided over by President Yoon.

According to this deputy spokesperson, President Yoon had a phone call with a member of the National Assembly from a typhoon-affected area, such as Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do, right after going to work on the 8th. "There will be many issues to be added to the damage countermeasures. Please let me know at any time by reflecting the requests of the residents."He is said to have requested

He also called the heads of relevant ministries, including Minister of Environment Han Hwa-jin, by phone. "Please take fundamental measures to prevent the overflow of tributaries and streams and prevent danger in advance."also placed an order.

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