Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport recalls 220,000 vehicles including Hyundai, Kia, and Benz

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The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport found manufacturing defects in 222,138 vehicles in 14 models manufactured, imported, and sold by Hyundai Motor Company, Kia Motors, Mercedes-Benz Korea, Stellantis Korea, GM Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters, GM Korea, and Ford Sales Service Korea. It was announced on the 1st that it would take voluntary corrective measures (recall).

It has been confirmed that 185,523 units of two models, including the ‘Santa Fe’ manufactured and sold by Hyundai Motor, may catch fire due to a short circuit inside the HECU.

In 125 vehicles of two ‘Avante N’ models, the emblem was dislodged when the airbag is deployed due to a defect in the attachment process of the steering wheel emblem (marked H), which may injure the driver.

In 24,990 two models, including the ‘All New Sorento’ manufactured and sold by Kia, it is possible to change gears without stepping on the brake pedal while stopped due to poor manufacturing of the shift lever lock, which may affect safety. appeared to be

In 7845 cars of three models, including the ‘E 300 e 4MATIC’ imported and sold by Mercedes-Benz Korea, the transmission connection wiring was damaged due to interference with the front power transmission shaft, and this could cause the transmission to not operate properly, thereby affecting safety. Confirmed.

The 1963 straw ‘Cherokee’ imported and sold by Stellantis Korea, as a result of a manufacturing defect investigation by the Korea Transportation Safety Authority’s Automobile Safety Research Institute, leaked fuel due to wear due to the lack of durability of the high-pressure fuel pump. It has been found that fading may occur.

In 1202 vehicles (including before sale) of two models (including before sales) imported and sold by GM Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters and GM Korea, the buckles were dislodged due to poor assembly of the seat belt buckles in the third row. The possibility of interference was identified.

The 311 ‘Bronco’ imported and sold by Ford Sales Service Korea (including before sale) have been reported to have a risk of interfering with safety by opening the door indoors as the locking device for child protection does not work properly due to a defective rear door lock assembly. appear.

In 179 ‘Aviator’ units (including before sale), it was investigated that the headrests were separated from the seats due to poor manufacturing of the electric headrests, which could cause injuries to occupants in the event of a collision.

Each manufacturer will notify the car owner of the corrective action method by mail or mobile phone text message. Free repairs or replacement of parts are provided. If the vehicle owner repairs the defect at his/her own expense before correcting the defect, he/she may apply for compensation for the repair cost to the manufacturer.

By Park Jin-hyeong, staff reporter [email protected]

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