Pro-Putin reporter ‘bragging’ exposed mortar location… Ukraine “Thank you, blow up immediately”

The location of the mortar, the main weapon of the Russian army, was exposed due to excessive propaganda by a pro-Putin-oriented Russian journalist. The Ukrainian military recognized this and destroyed the mortar within a day of the broadcast.

According to foreign media such as the Daily Mail, Russian military journalist Alexander Kotz recently conducted a propaganda report in the Donbas area. “Russia used the 2S4 Tyulpan 240mm self-propelled mortar,” said Coats, revealing the self-propelled mortar.

Built by the former Soviet Union during the Cold War, this weapon is the largest caliber mortar in service today. It can fire 288 pounds (about 130 kg) shells up to 6 miles (about 9.65 km).

Pro-Russian journalist Aleksandr Coats delivers news in front of a Russian military mortar.  Daily Mail capture.

Coats showed the sidewalk a self-propelled mortar shot from multiple angles. It is also included in the appearance of frequent mortar maneuvers.

The Ukrainian military frequently used this report to locate and attack the mortars. It took less than 24 hours to destroy the mortar from the time Coats reported.

The Ukrainian military filmed a scene of destroying a mortar and released it to the public, saying, “With this weapon, the Russian military destroyed a bridge and destroyed a private house in the area.” .

Reporter Min-ha Yang ([email protected]), Electronic Newspaper Internet

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