Tgensoft, ‘TG 1st Movie’ in Yuen Meditong video solution construction business

Seoul–(Newswire) January 14, 2022 — TGensoft (CEO Hoon-Ho Koh), a company specializing in multimedia video and integrated message transmission solutions, is involved in the ‘Meditong (Hospital-exclusive communication groupware) video solution establishment project’. It announced on the 14th that it has successfully introduced a registration conversion and streaming solution (TG 1st Movie).

This project was carried out to provide hospital customers with related information easily by establishing a communication groupware that integrates various hospital-specific solutions.

Tgensoft introduced video registration/encoding SW, HTML5 player, and streaming engine to link and support video upload pages and players so that services can be provided smoothly on Meditong TV, Meditong’s video service channel. A video management system was provided to enable content registration, modification, deletion, approval, and rights management, and it also supported encoding of previously owned videos.

With this project, IUN can improve convenience and work efficiency for systematic video content operation, and it is expected that user satisfaction will increase by providing various contents in a form that can be used by anyone without restrictions in the streaming environment.

Tgensoft’s video registration conversion and streaming solution (TG 1st Movie) introduced in this project is GS certification 1st grade and Nara Market registration software. is a possible solution.

In addition, it supports transcoding of existing video files, supports video editing functions such as video brightness adjustment and sound adjustment, supports non-ActiveX HTML5 video player, and provides stable video streaming support for concurrent users. We have developed and integrated support for coding and player VR playback.

As the need for systematic management and permanent assetization of digital content, which is rapidly increasing amid the acceleration of the digital information society, increases, TGenSoft is a company that systematically collects, manages, and ‘Multimedia content integrated management archive system (TG 1st MCMS)’ for search and service, and e-learning solution (TG 1st MCMS_Learning) and live broadcast solution (TG 1st Movie_Live) in line with the non-face-to-face era, are built in various institutions, companies, and schools. are doing

Tgensoft’s e-learning solution (TG 1st MCMS_Learning) is designed to be light and convenient to use by gathering only essential functions in a generalized e-learning system. It is a small e-learning system that provides online course opening, progress management, statistics management, and a dedicated player for education, and has the advantage of being able to build at no cost.

Tgensoft’s live live broadcasting solution (TG 1st Movie_Live) provides a LIVE live broadcasting module that enables live services such as internet broadcasting stations, mobile live broadcasting, CCTV real-time service, and drone video, so you can broadcast and watch LIVE broadcasting on the web and mobile live, and CCTV protocol You can check the UI configuration you want on various devices in real time in conjunction with it.

Tgensoft is a multimedia video solution specialist, with TG 1st MCMS (digital archive/multimedia integrated management solution), TG 1st Movie (video registration conversion and streaming solution), TG 1st Player (Html5 video player), TG 1st Streaming ( The video streaming/Live solution) product line has been successfully established in a number of companies and institutions such as Samsung Electronics, Kookmin Bank, Woori Bank, NCsoft, Video Rating Board, Seoul Fire and Disaster Headquarters, Gyeongnam Provincial Office, and Jeonnam Provincial Office.

TgenSoft is continuously improving its functions by reflecting the needs of existing customers, developing automatic recommendation algorithms based on big data, machine learning, and deep learning of video content, managing copyrights based on block chain content, and analyzing video patterns to create similar videos. He said that he is developing an algorithm to automatically search.

About Teagensoft

Tgensoft is a communication platform development company specializing in the onlineization of (civil complaint) business processes of public institutions and companies, establishment of an online promotion system, establishment of a unified messaging (UMS) system, establishment of a video system, and mobile push service. △User-oriented news integrated hub system for utilizing social media-based news big data eNews Topic △Responsive webzine for multi-device support △Mobile Push that integrates Push Notification messages into smart terminals of various platforms in a single way Develop and supply services. Based on business know-how in messaging and content management, customer management and complaint process improvement, and mobile development, we continuously develop and provide solutions that enable various and effective communication between companies and public institutions.


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