Technology investment firm Recognaise closes $1.3 billion growth fund after three strategic investments

NEW YORK–(Business Wire / Korea Newswire) January 14, 2022 — Recognize, a technology investment platform focused on the $2 trillion technology services industry, has raised approximately $1.3 billion in founding capital 13 days announced.

With groundbreaking technologies that drive businesses to reimagine their operating models, Recognaise is exploring ways to help the next generation of technology services companies transform innovation into business value.

Recognize is the first platform to connect tech entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with original ideas and inspiration with strategic capital, operational expertise and industry insight. The platform gives entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs access to exclusive talent networks, corporate relationships and intellectual property, as well as best-practice operating strategies to help businesses scale, innovate and operate more efficiently.

Recognize was founded by a team of industry veterans with diverse backgrounds and experience involved in setting up global technology companies and strategic investments. Team members include Frank D’Souza, Cognizant, a technology services firm.[Cognizant] Co-Founder and Former CEO), Raj Mehta (Ex-President Cognizant), and Charles Phillips (Enterprise-Class SaaS Company Info)[Infor] Former Chairman and CEO, Software Company Oracle[Oracle] Former President), David Wasserman[Clayton, Dubilier & Rice] former partners).

With more than 4000 employees, Recognaise has completed investments in three platforms that provide innovative technology services. Investors include Ciklum, a leading cloud-native digital engineering company with transport networks across Eastern Europe, and a single-player pure-play services provider focused on data, AI/ML and other Google Cloud solutions. This is Torc, a company that is redefining the future of work with in SpringML, a virtual talent platform for software engineers.

“The pace of technological innovation is changing the industry as a whole, and businesses and governments need to keep pace,” said Frank DeSouza, Co-Founder of Recognaise. The technology services market is 3.5 times larger than the software industry, but attracts only a third of private equity capital.[1] “The real opportunity is open to focused investors with deep industry knowledge.”

“Software and technology services have always been closely linked, and next-generation hybrid services companies will apply more proprietary technologies to service delivery to achieve steady business outcomes,” said Charles Phillips, co-founder. “We are seeing tremendous opportunities to create tech jobs in previously unseen communities,” he added.

David Wasserman, another co-founder, said: “We have created dedicated operators and investors separately to empower the next generation of industry-leading companies. We look forward to working with businesses and competent management teams to establish a foothold in this area.”

About Recognize

Recognize is a technology investment platform that focuses only on the technology service industry. Technology service providers envision, build, configure, manage, and operate software and business processes to deliver digital performance to enterprises. Recognize provides operational expertise, industry insight and strategic capital to innovative companies in their field. Industry experts Frank DeSouza, Raj Mehta, Charles Phillips and David Wasserman and partners Mike Grady, Josh Miller, Deborah Munfa and Shawn Pride founded the company. is leading For more information, visit the website ( Reference.

[1] McKinsey & Co., June 2020.

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