DUZON BIZON, signed a business agreement with Yongin Hospital Maintenance Foundation and People & Technology

Seoul–(Newswire) January 14, 2022 — DUZON BIZON (CEO Kim Yong-woo) plans to spread the ‘Yongin Smart Hospital Digital Transformation (DX, Digital Transformation) Model’ at home and abroad, Yongin Hospital Maintenance Foundation (Chairman Hyojin Lee) , announced on the 14th that it had signed an MOU with People & Technology (co-representatives Hong Seong-pyo, Im Jin-soon).

Previously, DUZON BIZON linked the biometric information system and IoMT infrastructure of People & Technology, an Internet of Things (IoT)-based artificial intelligence (AI) platform solution company, to Amaranth 10, an all-in-one digital business platform. By applying this to the Yongin Mental Hospital operated by the Yongin Hospital Maintenance Foundation, the digital transformation of the smart hospital is being successfully promoted.

A smart hospital refers to a hospital that provides safe and efficient medical services to patients through the convergence of advanced ICT and medical technology. This business agreement was prepared to spread the case of digital transformation of smart hospitals by the Yongin Hospital Maintenance Foundation, which was also designated as a participant in the development of a leading smart hospital model by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, at home and abroad.

DUZON BIZON supplies Amaranth 10 as a core solution for smart hospital digital transformation. In conjunction with People & Technology’s biometric information system, it monitors the patient’s signs of danger and transmits data to medical staff so that emergency measures can be taken immediately. The results of the measures can also be processed through electronic approval at once, which is expected to increase the overall level of medical service.

In order to spread the Yongin Smart Hospital DX model, the Yongin Hospital Maintenance Foundation will expand its business to psychiatric hospitals and hospitals specializing in elderly and nursing care, and provide medical management consulting to related associations and universities. In addition, through the World Health Organization (WHO) cooperation center, which has been designated and operated for 18 years, it will promote the global spread of the smart hospital digital transformation model to Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific region.

In addition, these three institutions plan to gradually expand various seminars, investments, and business cooperation based on the experience of fostering the innovative medical-based digital transformation leading model pursued by the Yongin Smart Hospital DX model.

Ji Yong-gu, CEO of DUZON BIZON Solution Business Division, said, “Duzone BIZON will spare no effort in expanding domestic and overseas smart hospital DX leading models for an increasingly sophisticated medical service environment. We will continue to raise our competitiveness and contribute to national development by securing global leadership in a leading medical model that opens the future.”

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