Decentralized Exchange XRdoge Announces Annual Report for 2021

JERSEY, UK–(Newswire) January 14, 2022 — XRdoge, a decentralized exchange that builds the Ripple network ecosystem in early 2022, announced on the 14th that it has released its annual report for 2021.

In the report, the development status of the project in 2021 and the planning direction for 2022 were described.

According to the report, cryptocurrencies have been steadily winning over the past year, and various virtual assets have also developed and climbed together. However, users explained that they suffered from slow transaction speeds and high transaction costs (gas).

Therefore, XRdoge paid attention to a more economical and faster alternative. If one crypto network could speed up block time 10 times, increase block size 10 times, and cut costs 100 times, it was decided that it would be able to attract more users.

In the report, XRdoge looked back on 2021 as a year in which many creative ideas were generated and the overall development foundation was formed, and predicted that 2022 will be a year of growth for XRdoge.

Indeed, while discussions about metaverses and blockchain games have taken over the internet over the past year, some of the great projects have gone unnoticed by the public. In addition, as environmental problems became increasingly serious, users were stressed from having to pay high environmental and economic costs of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

XRdoge emphasized that although customers spent a lot of time and money on the transaction, XRdoge, which is based on the Ripple network, can realize fast transactions with a safe and relatively low transaction cost (gas).

However, XRdoge analyzed that the Meme project based on Ripple, a necessary element for its development, was lacking. Accordingly, XRdoge formed the first Ripple network-based DEX by applying the characteristics of Ripple and the philosophy of Meme.

XRdoge said that customers will be able to trade and transfer more easily, inexpensively and safely, and because it is a decentralized exchange, personal assets and information cannot be controlled and transferred by any individual, company or institution.

XRdoge analyzed that the reason why the Ripple ecosystem’s Meme and DEX became popular in the community was because Dogecoin’s Meme feature continued the high-performance, low-cost advantage of Ripple.

The report predicted that those who missed the Shib will get the 3rd generation Meme-XRdoge, and following this trend, Meme, which already has a foundation, will further develop in the future.

Within three months, XRdoge caught the attention of fans and celebrities in the Ripple community. And it went through constant updates, collaborated with several artists, and created its own community and users. Currently, decentralized exchanges have been introduced, and Bitrue has also been released on centralized exchanges, thereby occupying a more important position in the Meme market.

More information about XRdoge can be found on the official website.


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