Canston Launches Premium AV Bluetooth Soundbar ‘T190X’ AVING USA

Seoul–(Korea Newswire) September 29, 2021 — Canston Acoustics (CEO Jong-min Han), a professional manufacturer and distributor of audio equipment, uses six unit drivers to The company announced that it would launch the premium AV Bluetooth soundbar system ‘T190X’ that allows you to enjoy 3D sound at home.

The T190X is a sound system that allows you to enjoy powerful and three-dimensional sound in a wide space by placing it under the display such as TV and monitor without installing multiple speakers. In addition, optical, coaxial, USB, and AUX inputs, as well as Bluetooth V5.0 wireless connection, are supported, making it possible to build an optimal audio environment.

The biggest advantage of the Canston Premium AV Bluetooth Soundbar T190X is that you can enjoy 3D sound with optimized space utilization. The T190X measures 82.8mm(W) x 8.5mm(D) x 6.7mm(H) and is equipped with 4 full-range units, 2 tweeters, and 2 Bass Reflex Tubes, so the entire area is 3D balanced. implement sound. The specially designed bass reflex tube provides a lively, powerful bass with low distortion and the sound of the tweeters and full-range units placed on either side.

In addition, the power supply is independent of an external adapter to minimize noise caused by electrical noise and to help realize deeper sound. Here, you can enjoy various entertainment with sound that is incomparable to basic TV sound, such as realizing optimal sound in large spaces such as living rooms and cafes with a powerful output of 80W.

The usability is also excellent. The Bluetooth 5.0 chipset is applied to support stable wireless connection with smart devices, and it is also equipped with a USB input port for playing MP3 files. In addition, it supports optical (PCM) and coaxial (PCM) terminals that transmit lossless digital audio with almost no loss of sound as well as general 3.5mm AUX external input, so you can enjoy clear sound. ·You can enjoy immersive three-dimensional sound using various devices such as tablets and game consoles.

The design of the T190X helps to enhance the interior effect of the living room. The upper part is made of high-gloss black material and touchpad buttons, so it has a slimmer and more luxurious appearance. In particular, a blue LED is applied to the touchpad button that can control the power, input mode, and volume, and the LED input indicator that can check the power and input mode is softly illuminated inside the metal grill to create a more luxurious atmosphere. can In addition, it is equipped with a ‘wall mount hole’ so that it can be used as a wall-mounted speaker.

In addition, the T190X includes a wireless remote control that can set sound field effects (MOVIE, MUSIC, DIALOG) through the EQ button as well as general controls, a 1.5m long optical optical cable, 3.5-3.5mm audio cable, wall-mounted accessories, 1.8m long A power adapter is included.

Meanwhile, Canston Acoustics is holding a launching event to commemorate the launch of the T190X with a 30% discount and a gift of bone conduction earphones. The 300 first-come-first-served buyers will receive a 30% discount of KRW 98,000 to purchase. After purchase, if you register a photo product review or post a review on social media, you will receive a Canston bone conduction earphone AK800. The launch event runs until October 31, and details can be found on the sales page of each site.

Canston Premium AV Bluetooth Soundbar T190X is provided with one-year free after-sales service through the Canston Acoustics service center and can be purchased through major domestic online shopping malls. Detailed product information can be found on the Canston Acoustics website.


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