Statement to North Korean compatriots on the advance of the ROK Army on the Tuman River

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 On November 18, 1953, National Assembly Speaker Shin Ik-hee was killed while government officials visited the front paratroopers (left Chief Justice Kim Byung-ro).

On November 18, 1953, National Assembly Speaker Shin Ik-hee was killed while government officials visited the front paratroopers (left Chief Justice Kim Byung-ro).

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ROK and UN forces crossed the 38th parallel in the summer of 1951 and advanced northward to recapture Pyongyang and Wonsan on October 13, and some ROK forces advanced to Chosan near the Yalu River on the 26th. At last, the reunification of the motherland was at hand.

After liberation, Shin Ik-hee broke away from the mainstream opposition to inter-Korean negotiations and the establishment of an independent government in the Provisional Government, and advocated participation and even served as the head of the legislative branch. However, he never forgot his original dream of establishing a unified government.

During the Korean War on the 25th of June, I became more aware of the brutality of communism, and I had to recall the so-called ‘Jeomophyron’ that discussions about obtaining valuable fur with foxes were futile. The country was devastated by the invasion of the South by the North Korean army, and millions of South and North Korean compatriots were being sacrificed.

In the midst of this, hearing the news that the ROK and UN forces had advanced as far as the Tuman River, on October 17, in the name of National Assembly Speaker Shin Ik-hui, a statement was issued: “A shout out to 10 million North Korean compatriots against the reunification of the motherland.”

Dear North Korean compatriots! 10 million brothers and sisters who cannot be forgotten even in a dream!

Since the liberation of August 15th, how much trouble have you suffered for the long 6 years of being tied to the tyranny of the public concubine again? Death without guilt, property confiscated without cause, the rich brother had an advantage, and the rest of them were literally living hell, not knowing when they would be arrested by the enemy who knocked on the door in the middle of the night.

Fortunately, fate has returned and the concubine’s illegal invasion and indiscriminate slaughter has provoked anger not only in our country but also around the world. By restoring the original reality, you will see a thousand days again after a long absence, and you will be freed from that terrible tyranny and enjoy freedom and equality.

You dance with joy, and at the same time, even every second, every single tree of this mountain, where you have planted the Taegeukgi for the first time in a long time, seems to be jumping with joy. But everyone! Remember that the price of freedom is always blood! The absolute effort of all North Koreans is also required to completely wipe out the last devastating public conspiracy and annihilate the remnants hidden in the mountains and shades. It requires your absolute efforts, and along with the construction of all these challenges, as a country of true democracy, true democracy in which everyone enjoys individual freedom and equality under the principle of “many people do the work of many people”. In order to build a nation and live in peace, the total concentration of all citizens will be required.

Of course, there will be aid from allies internationally and policies domestically for the reconstruction of the land by this actual recovery, but above all else, the initiative and uprising for the construction of a free homeland for you, the owners of the land and the homeland, should be preceded.

Everyone! In extraordinary times, extraordinary determination, extraordinary effort, and extraordinary sacrifice are required.

For the sake of all 30 million Koreans and for the happiness of all descendants, the time to dedicate all our efforts and holy blood is now, not tomorrow, but today.

We pledge and promise to stand together on the battlefield for freedom under the bow of justice, and pray for the health and struggle of our compatriots.

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